Ph.D. Supervisors

Below are brief bios of Nova’s management-related faculty—people who are potentially available for Ph.D. supervision. We have included a statement of each faculty member’s interests, as well as a list of representative work. If you wish to apply to the Ph.D. program, you should contact those individuals whose work most closely aligns with your interests to talk with them about their work and to see if they might be available for supervision.

Potential Supervisors (alphabetically listed):

Alper Nakkas
Ana Marques
Carmen Lages
Duarte Pitta Ferraz
Filipa Castanheira
Irene Consiglio
Joana Story
João Amaro de Matos
Jorge Braga de Macedo
José Crespo de Carvalho
Luis Catela Nunes
Luis Lages
Luis Martinez
Maria João Major
Miguel Ferreira
Miguel Pina e Cunha
Milton de Sousa
Pedro Neves
Pedro Pita Barros
Rita Cunha
Stewart Clegg
Youtha Cuypers