Research at Nova SBE


Research at Nova SBE is organized in six research groups. These are Development and Macroeconomics, Finance and Accounting, Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods and Decision Sciences, Strategy and Markets and People and Society. The groups relating to the research in our PhD in Economics | Finance are the first four. 


Development and Macroeconomics

Resident researchers at Nova SBE
Representative publications over the last years
  • Batista, C., Lacuesta, A., & Vicente, P. C. (2012). “Testing the ‘brain gain’ hypothesis: micro evidence from Cape Verde”. Journal of Development Economics, 97(1), 32-45.
  • Dutt, P., & Traça, D. (2010). “Corruption and Bilateral Trade Flows: Extortion or Evasion?”. Review of Economics and Statistics, 92(4), 843-860.
  • Cavalcanti, T. V. D., & Tavares, J. (2008). “Assessing the "engines of liberation": Home appliances and female labor force participation”. Review of Economics and Statistics, 90(1), 81-88.
  • Fafchamps, M., & Vicente, P. C. (2013). "Political Violence and Social Networks: Experimental Evidence from a Nigerian Election". Journal of Development Economics, 101, 27-48.
  • Ferreira, D., Manso, G., & Silva, A. C. (2014). “Incentives to innovate and the decision to go public or private”. Review of Financial Studies 27(1), 256-300.
  • Macedo, J. B., Oliveira Martins, J., & Rocha, B. (2014). "Are Complementary Reforms a “Luxury” for Developing Countries?", Journal of Comparative Economics, 42(2), 417-35.
  • Reis, A. B., & Traca, D. (2008). “Spillovers and the competitive pressure for long-run innovation”. European Economic Review, 52(4), 589-610.
  • Silva, A.C. (2012). “Rebalancing frequency and the welfare cost of inflation”. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 4(2), 153-183.
  • Tavares, J. (2008). “Trade, factor proportions and politics”. Review of Economics and Statistics, 90 (120-140).
  • Vicente, P. C. (2014). "Is Vote-Buying Effective? Evidence from a Field Experiment in West Africa". Economic Journal, 124(574), F356-F87.

Finance and Accounting

Resident researchers at Nova SBE:

Representative publications over the last years:

  • Brandt, M. W., Santa-Clara, P., & Valkanov, R. (2009). “Parametric Portfolio Policies: Exploiting Characteristics in the Cross-Section of Equity Returns”. Review of Financial Studies, 22 (9), 3411-3447.
  • Cochrane, J., Longstaff, F., & Santa-Clara, P. (2008). “Two trees”. Review of Financial Studies, 21, 347-385.
  • CustĂłdio, C., Ferreira, M., & Matos, P. (2013). “Generalists versus Specialists: Lifetime Work Experience and CEO Pay”. Journal of Financial Economics, 108, 471-492.
  • Fernandes, N., Ferreira, M., Matos, P., & Murphy, K.J. (2013). "Are U.S. Ceos Paid More? New International Evidence." Review of Financial Studies, 26(2), 323-67.
  • Ferreira, D., Ferreira, M., & Raposo, C. (2011). “Board Structure and Price Informativeness”. Journal of Financial Economics, 99 (3), 523-545.
  • Ferreira, M., Massa, M., & Matos, P. (2010). “Shareholders at the Gate: Institutional Investors and Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions”. Review of Financial Studies, 23 (2), 601-644.
  • Ferreira, M., CustĂłdio, C., & Laureano, L. (2013). "Why Are U.S. Firms Using More Short-Term Debt?". Journal of Financial Economics, 108, 182-212.
  • Ferreira, M., Keswani, A., Miguel, A., & Ramos, S. (2013). "The Determinants of Mutual Fund Performance: A Cross-Country Study". Review of Finance, 17, 483-525.
  • Marques, A. & Isidro, H. (2013). "The Effects of Compensation and Board Quality on Non-Gaap Reporting Decisions." International Journal of Accounting, 48, 289-317.
  • Matos, J. A. & Silva, N. (2014). "Consuming Durable Goods When Stock Markets Jump: A Strategic Asset Allocation Approach." Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 42, 86-104.


Resident researchers at Nova SBE

Representative publications over the last five years:

  • AraĂșjo, A., Novinski, R., & PĂĄscoa, M. (2011). “General equilibrium, wariness and efficient bubbles”. Journal of Economic Theory, 146(3), 785-811.
  • Barros, P. P., Machado, M., & Galdeano, A. S. D. (2008). “Moral hazard and the demand for health services: a matching estimator approach”. Journal of Health Economics, 27(July), 1006-1025.
  • Bottazzi, J. M., Luque, J., & PĂĄscoa, M. (2012). “Securities market theory: Possession, repo and rehypothecation”. Journal of Economic Theory, 147(2), 477-500.
  • Carneiro, A., GuimarĂŁes, P., & Portugal, P. (2012). “Real Wages and the Business Cycle: Accounting for Worker, Firm, and Job Title Heterogeneity”. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 4(2), 133-152.
  • Cunha-e-SĂĄ, M. A., & Santos, V. (2008). “Experimentation with accumulation”. Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, 32(2), 470-496.
  • Delavande, A., Abramitzky, R., & Vasconcelos, L. (2011). “Marrying up: the role of sex ratio in assortative matching”. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 3(3), 124-157.
  • Geroski, P. A., Mata, J., & Portugal, P. (2010). “Founding conditions and the survival of new firms”. Strategic Management Journal, 31(5), 510-529.
  • Hindriks, J., Peralta, S., & Weber, S. (2008). “Competing in taxes and investment under fiscal equalization”. Journal of Public Economics, 92(12), 2392-2402.
  • Hoernig, S. & Valletti, T. (2012). “Mixing Goods with Two-Part Tariffs,” European Economic Review, 51, 1733-1750
  • Hoernig, S., Inderst, R., & Valletti, T. (2014). "Calling Circles: Network Competition with Nonuniform Calling Patterns." RAND Journal of Economics, 45(1), 155-75.

Quantitative Methods and Decision Sciences

Resident researchers at Nova SBE
  • JosĂ© AntĂłnio Ferreira Machado
  • Iliyan Georgiev
  • LuĂ­s Catela Nunes
  • JoĂŁo Valle e Azevedo

Representative publications over the last years 

  • Addison, J. T., Machado, J. A. F., & Portugal, P. (2013). "The Reservation Wage Unemployment Duration Nexus". Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 75(6), 980-87.
  • Cavaliere, G. & Georgiev, I. (2009). “Robust inference in autoregressions with multiple outliers”. Econometric Theory, 25(6), 1625-1661.
  • Cavaliere, G., Georgiev, I., & Taylor, A. M. R. (2013). "Wild Bootstrap of the Sample Mean in the Infinitive Variance Case". Econometric Reviews, 32(2), 204-19.
  • Cavaliere G., & Georgiev, I. (2013). "Exploiting Infinite Variance through Dummy Variables in Non-Stationary Autoregressions". Econometric Theory, 29, 1162-95.
  • Coelho, E., & Nunes, L. C. (2011). “Forecasting mortality in the event of a structural change”. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (A), 174, 713-736.
  • Cunha-e-SĂĄ, M. A., Madureira, L., Nunes, L. C., & Otrachshenko, V. (2012). “Protesting and Justifying: A Latent Class Model for Contingent Valuation with Attitudinal Data”. Environmental & Resource Economics, 52(4), 531-548.
  • Georgiev, I. (2010). “Model-based asymptotic inference on the effect of infrequent large shocks on cointegrated variables”. Journal of Econometrics, 158(1), 37-50.
  • Koopman, S. J., & Valle-e-Azevedo, J. (2008). “Measuring Synchronisation and Convergence of Business Cycles”. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 70(1), 23-51.
  • Nunes, L. C., Sobreira, N., & Rodrigues, P. M. M. (2014). "Characterizing Economic Growth Paths Based on New Structural Change Tests." Economic Inquiry, 52(2), 845-61.
  • Valle-e-Azevedo, J. (2011). “A Multivariate Band-Pass Filter For Economic Time Series”. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (C), 60(1), 1-30.