Knowledge Centers


NOVAFRICA aims to produce distinctive expertise on business and economic development in Portuguese-speaking Africa. Central to NOVAFRICA’s activity is an in-depth understanding of the target economies, including their institutions, private sector, and civil society. NOVAFRICA is grounded on the belief that business and economic development is about a myriad of successful micro-experiences supported by a stable and robust macro-environment that should be documented, understood and communicated. For this purpose, the center adopts multidisciplinary approaches to study the role of individuals, organizations and institutions in the process of prosperity creation. Its central purpose is to rigorously evaluate the impact of policies that affect business and economic development processes in Africa, in a way that facilitates its large-scale adoption with real world impact. To achieve this objective, NOVAFRICA relies on a team of resident members with unique research expertise, as well as on collaboration with international institutions (such as the World Bank, International Growth Center, and USAID), in addition to a advisory board including a number of individuals with relevant international experience on economic policy in Africa.

Nova Finance Center

The Nova Finance Center brings together the human resources and the activities developed in the Finance area of Nova SBE. Its aim is to strengthen the cooperation between the school and industry, communicating the knowledge competences in finance and promoting better research and education in this area. The School has been attracting internationally recognized faculty and practitioners, combining academic knowledge with on-the-ground experience. Research plays a decisive role in the activity developed by the Nova Finance Center. The purpose is to position research in Finance at Nova SBE among the top European universities and business schools. Researchers clustered in the Nova Finance Center are already publishing in the top journals in the field, contributing to place Nova SBE’s research in a top position among European researchers in Finance.

Nova Healthcare Initiative

Research collects the expertise in health economics and health care management present at Nova SBE. We aim to produce applied research relevant to the health care sector at large. The objective is to bring together the knowledge and resources of the academic world and the professionals and institutions working in the health sector. We develop academic research relevant and advanced training opportunities in the field of health economics and health care management. One of the main purposes is to contribute to a rigorous analysis and evaluation of health and health care policies, mainly but not exclusively at the national level. Another aim is to strengthen cooperation with public and private institutions in health care delivery and financing. The Nova Health Care Initiative – Research constitutes a forum open to all stakeholders in the health sector for discussion of problems and solutions. A multidisciplinary approach is often needed in the analysis of the health care sector, and links within the Universidade Nova de Lisboa ensure expertise in several areas of health and health care.