The Nova SBE Research Activities Report has been published

research annual report

The Nova SBE Research  Annual Report provides an overview of the research activities and a record of research outputs, as well as listings of capacity, expertise and publications.

In 2015, 84 researchers worked at the Nova SBE Research Unit releasing 110 publications, from which 37% were in high prestige or top journals. Fifty eight projects were active, including a European Research Council grant, the first and so far the only one in the fields of Economics and Management in Portugal, as well as other highly competitive grants in the areas of Development and Environmental Economics.

Research at Nova SBE constitutes a hub of knowledge on the most pressing economic and financial issues, producing distinctive expertise that will have an impact on public policies and structural reforms. As consequence of its commitment, in every assessment Nova SBE’s Research Unit was awarded the grade “Excellent”.

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