Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you must know concerning our programs.


Yes. We believe that many of our transformational executive programs have more impact in a face-to-face format, encouraging the debate and exchange of ideas. For this reason, most of our programs are based on a face-to-face experience. However, we do not neglect the offer of online and blended programs. Discover them in our 2021 calendar, in each of your areas of interest.

There are three essential differences between an MBA and an executive education program: price, duration, and academic degree.

The price of an executive program is significantly lower.

An MBA is typically a two-year training. Executive programs can only take days or months, depending on the type of program. If you choose a Postgraduate program, it lasts between 6 and 9 months, while an intensive program can last for days or weeks.

Only an MBA provides an academic degree. Postgraduate students are entitled to a diploma and participants in intensive programs receive a certificate.

It is important to note that the faculty of an MBA and an executive program are identical.

Each open program at Nova SBE Executive Education has a Program Advisor that can help you find the ideal solution for your needs. All customized programs for companies have a Business Developer to ensure an experience tailored to the requirements of each organization. Find the contact details of our Program Advisors or Business Developers in each of your areas of interest.

Find out how to contact us in the executive training program brochures or the contacts and directions area.

The executive programs are usually taught in Portuguese, except for international programs. If a program has a participant from another country in the class, it will be taught in English. The language in which each program is given is always indicated in the brochure.

Some sessions of several programs may be taught in English if they have foreign speakers, and certain materials may also be provided in a foreign language. All business cases, since they come from the best schools worldwide, are presented in English.


Nova SBE Executive Education operates under the principle of lifelong learning. At the end of all programs, participants receive a certificate or in the case of Post-Graduations a diploma.

Yes. We believe that attendance is an important factor in ensuring a truly transformative experience. To complete the journey to certification participants must attend at least 80% of classes.

No. None of our programs grant ECTS equivalence.

Applications & registration

Yes. Admissions to any executive programs depend on the candidate's profile. The professional and academic experiences will always be evaluated. Some programs also require an application interview.

Yes. Admissions to any executive program depend on the candidate's profile. Professional and academic experience will always be evaluated. Candidates without higher education will always be submitted to an application interview. Although they may be admitted, obtaining a diploma will not be possible. In this case, participants receive only a certificate of participation.

Postgraduate programs require a selection interview. The remaining executive programs depend on a selection, made according to the profile of the candidates.

Not necessarily. It is up to the Program Adviser to select the participants of each class, based on the profile of each candidate. After applying, the candidate will be informed if he has been accepted.

Yes, in case you want to attend a Postgraduate program.

It depends on the type of program. Much of our teaching offer depends on prior preparation by the student, so enrolment is advised as soon as possible, up to one week before the start of the sessions.

You can find out more about our cancellation policy in the terms & conditions section.


There is a special discount for former students of Nova SBE. For more information on promotions in case of enrolment in multiple programs or special conditions for Alumni of Nova SBE and other schools of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa contact one of our Program Advisors.

The Early Bird discount is valid for all registrations made up to one month before the start of any executive program, except in the case of Post-Graduations, where the term is stipulated up to two months before the beginning of the classes.

Experience in Executive Education

All our executive programs are demanding and require preparation outside of the classroom. Often tasks will be assigned to maximize the experience in the classroom and consolidate the subjects covered, such as reading cases, exercises, or group work.

There is a need for a regular presence in all our executive programs. For more information, contact one of our Program Advisors.

The assessment model varies depending on the program. For more information, you should consult the program’s brochure.

Yes. Frequency in any of our programs includes coffee breaks and meals during the class period: lunch, during the day, and dinner, after work hours. These meals are provided by the Azure restaurant, based on the Carcavelos campus *.

If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform the Program Advisor or Business Developer responsible for the program.z

* This meal offer is in line with the recommendations and indications for closing and space hygiene issued by DGS.

Yes. A QR code is available for each participant to access the Carcavelos campus car park to use throughout the program. This code can be used even after training hours by the participants of the Post-Graduations to study.

We feel the commitment to contribute to a more sustainable and ecological world. For this reason, our executive programs are based on environmentally friendly practices. To facilitate the application of these behaviors and integrate them into the school's daily routine, all participants receive a reusable bottle on the first day of school. Also, all communications to students are now made digitally reducing whenever possible the use of paper.

Consult our Green Guide to stay up to date with all our environmental policies and help us take care of the planet!

Alumni Network

When you participate in one of our Post-Graduations you automatically become Nova SBE Alumni, being able to have access to several benefits, which include:

• Job offers

• Alumni discounts


• Exclusive events

• Usage of the Pedro Santa Clara Alumni Lounge on the Carcavelos campus

• Possibility to write on our Blog

• Possibility to participate as a speaker in our programs

For more information about the benefits of being a Nova SBE Alumni, contact us!