A Tailored-Made Solution

Free Learners

Free Learners

Choose the modularization option and explore various in-person postgraduate modules in different areas, selecting those that best align with your interests, career goals, and personal schedules. 

Each module offers a unique and specialized learning experience and is taught by recognized teachers and experts. The number of modules and the pace are up to the participant. 

One choice: yours!


ultra-personalize learning

the topics that matter to you

at the desired pace 


How to Create my Journey

Nova SBE Executive Education selected a set of modules within eight areas of knowledge based on the executive education portfolio, which you can combine freely. From one to several modules - the choice is yours! 

Access our registration platform and select the modules you wish to attend, formalizing payment and your application in the same year. 

Afterward, our team will contact you to provide all the necessary information about the module you chose to attend. 


  • Strategy | 16h 
  • Value based management | 12h 

More information will be available soon.

  • Accounting | 8h 
  • Finance | 24h 
  • Economy for managers | 12h 

More information will be available soon.

  • Organizational communication | 8h 
  • People management | 8h 
  • Leadership and change management | 12h 
  • Leadership and people management | 16h 
  • HR management in a remote model | 8h 
  • Development and training | 8h 
  • Talent management and global talent trends | 16h 

More information will be available soon.

  • Marketing management | 16h 
  • Digital communication | 8h 
  • Marketing | 12h 

More information will be available soon.

  • Operations management | 12h 
  • Agile management in supply chain transformation | 8h 
  • Quality management and supply chain improvement | 12h 
  • Operations and logistics | 16h 
  • Procurement | 12h 
  • Digital supply chains | 16h 
  • Sustainability in the supply chain | 8hn 
  • Emerging trends in the supply chain | 16h 
  • Added value through the supply chain | 8h 

More information will be available soon.

  • Data analytics | 8h 
  • Business application ML | 20h 
  • Business solutions & digital experimentation | 16h 
  • Data curation and visualization | 16h 
  • Ethics and data protection | 12h 
  • Data management and applied strategy | 20h 
  • Digital AI | Big data in healthcare | 8h 
  • Vendor approach | 16h 

More information will be available soon.

  • Growth strategies and business model innovation | 8h 
  • Innovation | 12h 

More information will be available soon.

  • Impact assessment and reporting | 8h 
  • Circular economy and regenerative models | 8h 
  • Economics: applied sustainable finance Innovation for sustainability | 12h 
  • Business models for sustainability |8h 
  • The role of public policies in the sustainable development challenges | 8h 
  • Purpose and stakeholder involvement | 8h 
  • Roadmap to social carbon neutrality: people & local communities | 8h 
  • Energy transition | 8h 
  • Social: people & local communities | 12h 
  • Innovation for Sustainability | 8h 

More information will be available soon.

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