Ricardo Zózimo
Ricardo Zózimo
Researcher & Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Management at Nova SBE, his academic activity, both in the classroom and in research, focuses on understanding how organizations create and manage the connection with sustainable development objectives (or SDGs). Adopting an entrepreneurial learning perspective, he studies in particular the key processes associated with creating a positive impact on society in the management of profitable businesses.

Previously he was a professor and researcher at Lancaster University, where he received the Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience award for the first time. He also worked in the public and private sector and also in NGOs, in 5 different countries. He was also an active mentor to social and commercial entrepreneurs around the world.

Ricardo Zózimo has a PhD (Ph.D.) from Lancaster University in Entrepreneurship and a Master's (M.Sc.) in Strategic Planning from University College of Dublin.

  • PhD in Entrepreneurship from Lancaster University
  • MSc in Strategic Planning from University College of Dublin