Gustavo Brito
Gustavo Brito
Guest Specialist

Senior independent management consultant advises large clients in insight-driven transformational projects for some of Portugal’s PSI-20s, and several multinationals abroad - not only but namely in healthcare.

Describes himself as “jack of many trades and (hopefully!) master of some”.  One of his strengths is “connecting the dots” between fields often seen as far apart, leveraging his 20-year experience across multiple sectors and functional areas.

Holds a MsC in Mechanical Engineering - Robotics, and an MBA from London Business School.

Started his career at McKinsey & Company - his other “school”, where he learned the arts & crafts of consulting, serving clients around the world out of their Lisbon and London offices for 5 years.

At some point, embarked on a 5-year journey in social entrepreneurship, supporting the launch of several scaleable social businesses.

Some of his passions are sailing, diving and hiking around the world. 

Above all, is proud father of two amazing girls.