Christine Blondel
Christine Blondel
Guest Speaker
Founder of FamilyGovernance

Professor at INSEAD for the areas of Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Christine Blondel has a vast history of research and publication on topics such as large multi-generational family businesses, the successor's dilemma, fair process, governance, women in the family business, among other topics.

Among your most personal publications is the book «L'Entreprise Familiale Sauvera-t-elle le Capitalisme? Portraits» as well as the case study The Resort in Pueblo Valley, which won the prize for best practical case in the area of ??Entrepreneurship awarded by the European Case Clearing House.

Christine is also co-author (with Heyden and Carlock) of the article «Fair Process: In Search of Justice in Family Businesses», which in 2006 won the FBN Research Honors award for the best article on family businesses.