Talk with Renova's CEO, Paulo Pereira da Silva - <p>Following PME Magazine&#39;s 15th edition, Paulo Pereira da Silva, CEO of Renova, is coming to Nova SBE.</p>
Talking Digital - <p>Themed talks on the importance of digital for companies&#39; growth strategy.</p>
12H Procurement - <p>&nbsp;Training event focused on the correct purchase and procurement management. Find out more&nbsp;<strong><a href=";utm_source=hs_email&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;_hsenc=p2ANqtz--N_Fz4fPy5JYCFybaafAfkYZis5t-VKpR2tdwjJdAKXNQhXsPpt9m03zVBMAeoMwwWeN2F">HERE</a></strong>.</p>
World Innovation Circle - <p>Join us on this global scale experiences exchange that gives you the opportunity to analyze your organization&#39;s innovation capabilities. Find out more and apply <a href=""><strong>HERE</strong></a>.</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Maria João Carioca - <p>The Scientific Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program Applied Management, Filipa Castanheira, invites Maria João Carioca, the new sponsor of the program, to address the challenges that professionals...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: António Simões - <p>Miguel Pina e Cunha, Scientific Coordinator of the oldest Postgraduate Program from Nova SBE, General Management, invites the new sponsor of the program, António Simões, for a brief conversation where...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Jorge Cardoso - <p>The Scientific Coordinator of the Corporate Finance Postgraduate Program, Paulo Soares de Pinho, invites Jorge Freire Cardoso, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Miguel Azevedo - <p>Paulo Soares de Pinho, Scientific Coordinator of the Financial Markets &amp; Risk Management Postgraduate Program, invites the new sponsor of the program, Miguel Azevedo, to reflect on the challenges...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Pedro Pereira da Silva - <p><meta name="uuid" content="uuidnhibrdL0coHr" /><meta charset="utf-8" />The Executive Coordinator of the Supply Chain Management Postgraduate Program, Pedro Silva Caldeira, invites Pedro Pereira da Silva, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</meta></meta></p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Isabel Vaz - <p><meta name="uuid" content="uuidj3xF2osRWSqF" /><meta charset="utf-8" /></p> <p>Filipa Breia da Fonseca, Scientific Coordinator, and Filipe Costa, Executive Coordinator, of the Healthcare Management Postgraduate Program, invite Isabel Vaz, the new sponsor of the program, to...</p></meta></meta>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Alexandra Brandão - <p>The Scientific Coordinator of the People &amp; Talent Management Postgraduate Program, Pedro Neves, invites Alexandra Brandão, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</p>
Welcome to the Future of Learning: o novo caminho da transformação - <p>Nova SBE Executive Education is about to launch a new platform that opens up a world of possibilities and learning solutions. A new world where you can choose to learn. Register now and have exclusive...</p>
Paradigm Shift Conference: Sustainable Transformation - <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The fact that organizations can no longer ignore sustainability in their transformational processes is not an innovative idea anymore. Consumers, employees and financial markets expect it....</p>
Masterclass: Strategy - <p>Have you ever stopped to think strategically about your business? The demands of day-to-day life and the pressure to produce results in the short-term do not allow for reflection on current...</p>
Webinar: Digital Trends in 2021 - <p>Ready to conquer the digital world?</p> <p>Navigating&nbsp;a sea of ​​infinite possibilities like the Internet requires expertise and strategic thinking. When everyone is in the same boat and&nbsp;is a...</p>
Webinar: Business Transformation in a Post-COVID-19 World - <p>Join Nova SBE Executive Education and guests from the Innovation area for webinar on Business Transformation in the post-COVID-19 world, and find out how some of the leading companies in Portugal are...</p>
How will organizations innovate in the future? - <p>Get to know the Post-Graduation in Innovation &amp; Entrepreneurship - a&nbsp;program that, for the first time, unlocks the door&nbsp;for innovation in organizations&nbsp;through a solid...</p>
Nova SBE and NOVA School of Law join forces - <p>Find out how Nova SBE Executive Education and NOVA School of Law will join forces in a very special session filled with distinguished guests from both institutions.<br /> Do not miss this round table...</br></p>
Webinar: What´s next on Sales Strategy & Business Development? - <p>In this webinar we will discuss what are the New Realities in sales, new ways of interacting with customers, the Omnichannel, and new skills. We will also have a special guest and teacher in the...</p>
European Space Business Programme - Information Day for the Launch experience - <p>Launch of the European Space Business Programme by the European business schools Rotterdam School of Management, Nova School of Business and Economics, University of St. Gallen in collaboration with...</p>
Webinar: Space is the new frontier - <p>We have seen the rapid evolution of space technology that has come to support the delivery of the global internet, help battle climate change, or even taking people to mars. Thus, a growing number of...</p>
Nova SBE SalesShaker returns on September 30 - <p>In 2021,&nbsp;Nova SBE SalesShaker is creating 6 Conference Rooms with virtual reality&nbsp;and distinct dynamics to bring together top executives, masterminds, experts, and successful influencers to...</p>
WITH Talks - Tourism Strategy in Times of Disruption - <p>Join Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida (Administrator of the Vila Galé Group), Sérgio Guerreiro (Director of the Westmont Institute of Tourism &amp; Hospitality of Nova SBE) and Marta Sousa Pires (Senior...</p>
Open Session - Post-Graduate Program in Health Management - <p>Join Filipa Breia da Fonseca (Scientific Coordinator), Filipe Costa (Executive Coordinator), and André Valente (Professor&nbsp;of the Clinical Research module) to learn about the postgraduate...</p>
The Challenges for Digital Transformation in 2022 - <p>Join the faculty of the program Leading the Digital Transformation: João Castro, Academic Supervisor at Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab, and Sara Gomes, AI Strategy Manager at Accenture, to reflect on...</p>
PME Magazine Webtalks - 4th edition - <p>The fourth edition of the PME Magazine Webtalks takes place on November 2nd, from 10:00 am, with the special participation of Paulo Veiga, founder and CEO of Grupo EAD. He&nbsp;will talk about the...</p>
Supply chains: from ambition to action - <p>Supply chains remain under fire. Are they part of the problem or the solution?</p> <p>They bring together, link, and transform natural, technological, and human resources and are fundamental links in...</p>