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"Leaderhip for Teachers" Program Kick-Off - <p>The <em>Leadership for Teachers</em> Program&nbsp;was launched today at Nova SBE, in the context of a partnership between the <strong>Municipal Council of Cascais</strong> and <strong>Nova SBE&#39;s Executive Education</strong>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Podcast Educar tem Ciência (TSF) - Are boys and girls assessed differently? - <p><strong>Pedro Freitas&nbsp;</strong>talks with <strong>Nuno Crato</strong> about how <strong>different grading systems benefit girls and boys differently</strong> and possible reasons behind gender&nbsp;tendencies in the choice of&nbsp;specific...</p>
Teacher Turnover in Portuguese Public Schools: Policy Brief - <p>In this Policy Brief we analyse the turnover of teachers between groups of public schools in mainland Portugal between the academic years 2008/09 and 2017/18.</p>
Podcast Zona de Impacto - Let's talk about student assessment? Are there benefits in maintaining national exams? - <p><strong>Ana Balcão Reis, Catarina Angelo e Pedro Freitas</strong>&nbsp;participated in the podcast <em>Zona de Impacto&nbsp;</em>on student assessment and national exams.</p>
School Rankings 2021 - <p>Observador releases a ranking of Portuguese schools, both public and private, in partnership with Nova SBE.</p>
Newspaper Article in Observador - Tuition fees and access to Higher Education - <p>Our Scientific Director&nbsp;Ana Balcão Reis has just published an article entitled &quot;<em>Propinas e acesso ao Ensino Superior</em>&quot; in the Portuguese newsaper&nbsp;<em>Observador</em>.</p>
Podcast 45 Degrees - How to make public schools better and more inclusive? - <p><strong>Pedro Freitas</strong>&nbsp;participated in two episodes of the podcast 45 Degrees&nbsp;(<em>Público</em>) on how to make public schools better and more inclusive.</p>
Sources of inequality in Portugal’s educational achievement - <p>Beatriz César has pointed out the school peers&rsquo; family characteristics as the main observable determinant of inequalities in educational achievement, detecting some regional differences too.</p>
Gender Gaps in Different Assessment Systems: The role of teacher gender - <p>This study aims to assess gender differences in students&rsquo; results at the end of Secondary Education in two different types of assessment: teachers&rsquo; grading and scores on national exams.</p>
Podcast Contra-Corrente - Children ar less knowledgeable, the Minister celebrates “the success” - <p><strong>Pedro Freitas</strong>&nbsp;participated in&nbsp;the podcast <em>Contra-Corrente</em>&nbsp;(<em>Rádio Observador</em>) on state of Education in Portugal.</p>
News . 05 December 2022 "Leaderhip for Teachers" Program Kick-Off

The Leadership for Teachers Program was launched today at Nova SBE, in the context of a partnership between the Municipal Council of Cascais and Nova SBE's Executive Education.


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