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Participation "É Ou Não É? O Grande Debate" - The Future of School in Debate - <p><strong>LuÍs Catela Nunes</strong>&nbsp;was one of the guests of the&nbsp;<a href="https://www.rtp.pt/play/p9816/e612006/e-ou-nao-e-o-grande-debate" target="_parent">Grande Debate</a>&nbsp;(RTP) where the future of education was discussed.</p>
Interview - Explicador (Observer podcast), Público and Contra-Corrente (Rádio Observador) - <p><strong>Pedro Freitas</strong>, researcher at the&nbsp;<strong>Nova SBE Economics of Education Knowledge Center</strong>&nbsp;and PhD candidate, was on the&nbsp;<a href="https://observador.pt/programas/explicador/2-anos-de-ensino-a-distancia-o-que-ha-a-recuperar/" target="_parent">Explicador</a>&nbsp;(Observer podcast), an interview with&nbsp;<a href="https://www.publico.pt/2022/04/10/sociedade/noticia/medidas-governo-sao-consideradas-insuficientes-resolver-falta-professores-2001997"...</p>
Interview - Gender Gaps in Different Assessment Systems - <p>Ana Balcão Reis, from the Nova SBE Economics of Education Knowledge Center, interviewed on her paper with Catarina Angelo about gender gaps in different assessment systems.</p>
Interview - The Application of the Funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan - <p>Pedro Freitas, from the Nova SBE Economics of Education Knowledge Center, interviewed on the application of the funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan&nbsp;on the education sector.</p>
Ministerial Conference: "Investing in Education" - <p>On February&nbsp;15<sup>th</sup>, the French Ministry for National Education, Youth, and Sports&nbsp;organized, which counted with the participation of our Scientific Director, Ana Balcão Reis.</p>
Podcast Da Capa à Contracapa - Where should public policies on education go? - <p><strong>Ana Balcão Reis</strong>&nbsp;participated in the program&nbsp;<a href="https://www.ffms.pt/podcasts/da-capa-a-contracapa/6046/para-onde-devem-caminhar-as-politicas-publicas-de-educacao" target="_parent">Da Capa à Contracapa</a>&nbsp;(Rádio Renascença and Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos) on public education policies.</p>
Comments on CNN - The effects of social isolation on students - <p><strong>Pedro Freitas</strong>, researcher from Nova SBE Economics of Education Knowledge Center, was on CNN commenting on the effects of social isolation on students.</p>
Podcast Explicador – Teachers coming from other areas? “We must not drop in quality?” - <p>Pedro Freitas, from the Nova SBE Economics of Education Knowledge Center, participated in the Podcast Explicador from Rádio Observador.</p>
Results of the Forecast of Teacher Demand and Supply between 2021 and 2030 - <p>Presentation of the results of a project in partnership of the Directorate-General for Statistics of Education and Science which forecasted teacher demand and supply between 2021 and 2030.</p>
The Intergenerational Equity of Labour in Portugal - <p>Study on the Portuguese Labour Market by Pedro S. Martins.</p>
News . 14 July 2023 From Social Inequality to School Inequality - Publishing of Study from EDULOG

A study from EDULOG on the impacts of socioeconomic status on students’ school results at each of mainland Portugal’s municipalities, coordinated by Luís Catela Nunes, has been published.

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