What's the Worth of Education?
News | 24 November 2023 What's the Worth of Education?

In his "Economics of Education" book launch, researcher and author Pedro Freitas has invited economist Joana Pais and teacher Inês Rodrigues to have a debate on several of the themes that are covered by his book. This session has been organized by book publisher Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos and took place in Lisbon, at El Corte Inglés'  events room Âmbito Cultural. It was moderated by writer, literary critic and journalist Filipa Melo.

Some of the debated topics were: the role of economists in education, the influence of families in school achievement, the importance of education in children's early years, economists' perspective on education vs. teachers' experience in the field, political decisions based on economics of education research, the impact of class size in students' achievement, teachers' value added and teachers' initial training, the challenges of the teaching profession and career atractivity, the need to rethink continuous training for teachers, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on education.

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