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From Social Inequality to School Inequality - Publishing of Study from EDULOG - <p>A study from<strong> EDULOG </strong>on the impacts of socioeconomic status on students&rsquo; school results at each of mainland Portugal&rsquo;s municipalities, coordinated by<strong> Luís Catela Nunes</strong>, has been published.</p>
Education faces great challenges - State of the Nation 2023 from Fundação José Neves - <p><em>State of the Nation: Education, Employment and Skills in Portugal, 2023</em>, from <strong>Fundação José Neves</strong> was&nbsp;published today. One of its chapters&nbsp;was produced by a <strong>team</strong> from <strong>our Center</strong>.</p>
How to Create Value in Public Policies Using Microdata - Sustainable Value Creation Summit Session at Nova SBE - <p><strong>Pedro Martins</strong> hosted a session with representatives from <strong>DGEEC</strong>, the <strong>Ministry of Justice</strong>,&nbsp;<strong>IEFP</strong> and <strong>MyMentor.pt</strong> on the value of microdata for public policy.</p>
The role of data in understanding the reality of the Portuguese Educational System – DGEEC event on “InfoEscolas" web portal - <p><strong>Luís Catela Nunes</strong> was one of the experts in a panel who discussed the new educational data released in the &ldquo;InfoEscolas&rdquo; web portal, in an event organized by DGEEC.</p>
Teacher protests - interviews by Pedro Freitas - <p>Based on&nbsp;the existing&nbsp;data,<strong>&nbsp;Pedro Freitas&nbsp;</strong>reflects upon teachers&#39; current dissatisfaction, during&nbsp;several television and press interviews.</p>
Learning loss during the pandemic: a recovery proposal - parliamentary hearing - <p><strong>Ana Balcão Reis</strong>, <strong>Pedro Freitas</strong> and&nbsp;<strong>Susana Peralta </strong>went to Parliament to present their study:&nbsp;&quot;Learning loss during the pandemic: a recovery proposal&quot;.&nbsp;</p>
Leaderhip for Teachers - program kick-off at Nova SBE - <p>The <em>Leadership for Teachers</em> Program&nbsp;was launched today at Nova SBE, in the context of a partnership between the <strong>Municipal Council of Cascais</strong> and <strong>Nova SBE&#39;s Executive Education</strong>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Methods to teach reading - podcast from TSF - <p>How are children learning to read in Portugal? From the different reading&nbsp;methods in use,&nbsp;which are the most efficient?&nbsp;Listen to the talk between&nbsp;<strong>Pedro Freitas</strong> and <strong>Nuno Crato</strong>.</p>
Nursery schools: free access isn't enough - newspaper article from Observador - <p>Researcher <strong>Pedro Freitas </strong>writes about&nbsp;policies that at crucial to&nbsp;uphold the quality of Portuguese nursery schools.</p>
Are boys and girls assessed differently? - podcast from TSF - <p><strong>Pedro Freitas&nbsp;</strong>talks with <strong>Nuno Crato</strong>&nbsp;about the impact of different&nbsp;grading systems in boys and girls and about gender differences in the choice of&nbsp;specialization fields.</p>
News . 14 July 2023 From Social Inequality to School Inequality - Publishing of Study from EDULOG

A study from EDULOG on the impacts of socioeconomic status on students’ school results at each of mainland Portugal’s municipalities, coordinated by Luís Catela Nunes, has been published.

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