FFMS Conference: The School and Student Achievement
Notícias | 04 junho 2020 FFMS Conference: The School and Student Achievement

The School and Student Achievement was the first conference organized by the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos series of conferences Month of Education during October 2015. It took place at the Lisbon Forum, on the 7th of October 2015.

Student achievement is a concern for any educational system for all parties involved: students, teachers, parents, schools, and, ultimately, the whole country. What scores do the students obtain? Is grade repetition too high? How does Portugal compare with other countries? And what is the school’s role in the students’ achievement? A reflection on schools and the performance of students, based on recent Portuguese research.

In this conference, there was the chance of hearing presentations by Professor Luís Catela Nunes discussing whether low performing students really benefit repeating a grade and of Professor Ana Balcão Reis and Professor Carmo Seabra about the impact of the publication of school rankings on public and private schools.

The conference also included the participation of Hugo Reis (Bank of Portugal), Maria Eugénia Ferrão (Universidade da Beira Interior), Miguel Portela (Universidade do Minho), David Justino (Conselho Nacional da Educação), Adelino Calado (Agrupamento de Escolas de Carcavelos), and Margaret Raymond (Stanford University, CREDO)

This conference culminated with the publication of a book organized by Luis Catela Nunes with research contributions from some of the authors that participated in the conference. It is available for download at this link:


For additional information about the conference, follow this link:


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