Defesa de Tese de Doutoramento - Madhuri Agarwal
Notícias | 15 outubro 2021 Defesa de Tese de Doutoramento - Madhuri Agarwal

Felicitamos a nossa membro Madhuri Agarwal por defender com sucesso a sua tese de doutoramento intitulada "Essays in Economics of Education", que contou com a orientação de Ana Balcão Reis.

Abstract: Many developing countries have made significant progress in increasing primary school enrolments. Though, evidence on what they learn in school has been unsatisfactory. Estimates from regional student assessments across the world reveal that millions of school going children have failed to acquire even the most basic literacy and numeracy skills. This has serious policy implications as recent studies have shown that the quality of education apart from quantity is an important determinant of economic development. The main objective of this dissertation is to understand how education policies affects quality and inequality in education. The first chapter explores the role of teachers in enhancing human capital. The next chapter, deals with the issue of equity and efficiency in education. How does increase in access to education affect education quality? The last chapter looks into marriage market returns to education.

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