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Book Launch - Inovação em Saúde por Quem a Pratica - <div style="clear:both;"> <div style="clear:both;"> <div style="clear:both;"> <p>Through expertise that impacts the world, and under the scope of another Social Equity Initiative project, Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) would like to invite you to the launch...</p></div></div></div>
Designing the Future in Healthcare #2 - <p>In the second event of the series &ldquo;Designing the Future in Healthcare&rdquo; we will talk about Primary Health Care.<br /> Join us for an afternoon of presentations, a panel discussion and networking...</br></p>
Designing the Future in Healthcare #3 | Mental health and work: from diagnosis to action - <p><strong>&ldquo;Mental health and work: from diagnosis to action&rdquo; </strong>is the topic of the third workshop in a series promoted by the Nova Health Economics and Management Knowledge Center of <strong>NovaSBE</strong>, in...</p>
CONFERENCE: IS THE SNS STILL VIABLE? - <p>The Nova SBE <em>Campus , in Carcavelos, will host, on </em><strong>September 18th </strong>, the Conference <strong>Is the SNS still viable? </strong>an initiative of the Medical Association in partnership with <strong>Nova SBE </strong>and <strong>Nova SBE Health...</strong></p>