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Combater as alterações climáticas através do planeamento do oceano? - <p>Artigo da investigadora do&nbsp;NOVA SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center, Catarina Frazão Santos&nbsp;na Visão Verde.</p>
BLUE FORESTS KoM - <p>The BLUE FORESTS project has kicked off!<br /> &nbsp;</p>
New Publication | Adapting to frequent fires: Optimal forest management revisited - <h4>Abstract</h4> <p id="abspara0010">As the frequency and severity of wildfires escalates in many regions, the study of fire-resilient forestry practices becomes crucial. While forest owners may employ several silvicultural...</p>
Um tesouro desconhecido - <p>Pradarias marinhas: Um tesouro desconhecido</p> <p>Artigo da investigadora do NOVA SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center, Carina Vieira da Silva na Visão Verde.</p> <p>As pradarias marinhas são polos de...</p>
"npj Ocean Sustainability" is now open for submissions! - <p>With an amazing Editorial Board, &quot;npj Ocean Sustainability&quot; is now open for submissions!<br /> <br /> Take a look ➡️&nbsp;<a data-attribute-index="0" href="https://lnkd.in/dWNvTGFB">https://lnkd.in/dWNvTGFB</a><br /> <br /> npj Ocean Sustainability equally welcomes research...</br></br></br></br></p>
New research project | Blue Forest - <p>🌱 Discover BLUE FORESTS, a brand-new project to support seaforestation to foster sustainable blue economy activities based on macroalgae. A key activity of BLUE FORESTS will be centred on...</p>
Alforreca gigante feita de embalagens de bebidas recicladas vai viajar pelo concelho de Cascais para promover melhores práticas ambientais - <p>Alforreca gigante feita de embalagens de bebidas recicladas vai viajar pelo concelho de Cascais para promover melhores práticas ambientais<br /> <br /> Realizada no âmbito do projeto-piloto iREC &ndash; Inovar a...</br></br></p>
Carros elétricos: um apoio para quem dele precisa? - <p>Carros elétricos: um apoio para quem dele precisa?<br /> <br /> Artigo da Co-diretora científica do&nbsp;<a data-attribute-index="0" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniCompany:12578502" data-entity-type="MINI_COMPANY" href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/nova-environmental-economics-knowledge-center/">NOVA SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center</a>, Maria Antonieta Cunha na Visão Verde.<br /> <br /> No contexto de...</br></br></br></br></p>
Call for papers - Sustainability Special Issue - <p>📣 Call for papers<br /> Sustainability Special Issue: &quot;Marine Sustainability: Socio-Economic Outcomes of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures...</br></p>
New Publication | The economic and ecological benefits of saving ecosystems to protect services - <p>The concept of Ecosystem Services (ES) defines the nature benefits in an anthropocentric way for sustainable development goals. However, a conservation dilemma arises from the question of how much the...</p>
News . 18 September 2023 A-AAGORA Call for the financial support of associated regions

The A-AAGORA consortium is pleased to announce the launch of a call for financial support to third parties within the A-AAGORA project. The project is seeking the participation of 7 'Associated...

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