Mikkel Flyverbom Seminar
News | 02 April 2024 Mikkel Flyverbom Seminar

With a keen interest in the intersection of digital technology and society, his research delves into the governance of technology, digital responsibility, transparency, and datafication of knowledge, communication, and politics.

As an accomplished scholar, Mikkel has authored numerous publications exploring the impact of digital technologies on organizations and politics. He is widely recognized for his expertise in navigating the complexities of data-driven environments and is actively engaged in policy work, serving on various governmental and non-governmental bodies. Beyond academia, Mikkel shares his insights with the public through a regular tech column for the Danish newspaper Politiken.

In addition to his academic endeavors, Mikkel is involved in a range of professional activities, including speaking engagements, advisory roles, and membership in influential organizations focused on digital ethics and governance. With his multidisciplinary approach and extensive contributions to both research and practice, Mikkel Flyverbom plays a pivotal role in shaping conversations around digital transformations and their implications for society.

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This seminar is co-organized between OUI KC and ERA Chair in Social Innovation.

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