07 Dec '23
Events | Thursday Exploring DTU's innovation landscape with Dr. Lüscher

Unlock DTU’s innovation secrets with Dr. Christopher Lüscher on Dec 7th! Learn more about pioneering tech , collaboration and future partnerships.

What to Expect:

Dr. Christopher Lüscher will give an open talk at 2pm regarding his work, namely the Danish methodology that has helped DTU become the number 1 technological university in the Nordics and number 3 in the world when it comes to biotech. Some historical reflections and best practices:

  • The power of three: How DTU separated the traditional Technology Transfer Office, into three functions. Maturation of early technology towards spin-off before company registration performed by DTU Skylab the academic venture builder leveraging EU enabling funding. At registration, the traditional TTO process of commercial terms for the utilization of tie technology. Lastly and independent but fully owned venture capital firm PreSeed Ventures (PSV).
  • Knowledge based entrepreneurship: How IP driven enterprise are different from other enterprises and what is their impact for the academic institutions and society
  • Innovation Journey: How does research collaborations with industry forms alignment between societal needs and research outputs, which creates the cradle for inventions. DTU is the first in Denmark to treat software as inventions.
  • Cross-border collaborations: DTU has an overproduction of inventions compared to its internal academic venture building, some these technologies fall outside of research collaboration with established industry.

Curious to meet Christopher on December 7th? Come and explore DTU's innovations and delve into insightful sessions on innovation strategies.

Exploring DTU's innovation landscape with Dr. Lüscher
  • From 07 December 2023 2:00 PM
  • To 07 December 2023 3:00 PM
  • Location Nova SBE
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