Equity Research Reports

Welcome to the Nova SBE Equity Research Department of the Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center.

Our aim is to offer you insightful analysis and valuations of some of the largest international companies.

Our Research Team is exclusively formed by Nova SBE Master's in Finance students and their reports correspond to their Workprojects, for which they are the sole responsible.

We thank all investment bank analysts, asset managers and companies’ investor relation officers who have collaborated in this effort to produce value added research and helped our students enjoying a fruitful learning experience.

January 3 2021
José Maria Jonet
Rita Ferreira Gomes
Booking Holdings Inc.
Modest growth ahead
In the search for room nights
January 3 2021
Ana Sofia Consolado
Vasco Dias Pinheiro
Disney Co.
Keeping up with the market
The birth of a new digital segment
January 4 2021
Bruno Lopes
Miguel Neves
EDP Renováveis
A market powered by hope
The return to normality
January 4 2021
Maria Carolina Marafona
Rui Manuel Freitas
FedEx Corporation
The logistic giant emerge amid the pandemic
The outstanding case of FedEx Corporation
January 4 2021
Jan-Philip Jansen
Fielmann AG
Fashionable glasses for everyone
Fielmann strengthens its position in the industry
January 4 2021
Xinglei Ji
Zirui Wei
GlaxoSmithKline The time is the answer
Top 6 position and potential in oncology sector
January 4 2021
Margarida Gouveia
Inditex Group
A new world of Fast Fashion
Inditex marking a position in the technological era