Finance PhD Pitch Perfect

Turning research ideas into research papers can be hard. It is therefore key for PhD students to get feedback early in the research process. The goal of the Finance PhD Pitch Perfect is precisely it: to give students an opportunity to present their unpolished ideas and receive feedback from accomplished researchers in the field.

Together with our coaches, students will discuss important questions such as: What makes a research question worthwhile pursuing? How to attack a research question? How to pitch an early-stage idea?

Finance PhD Pitch Perfect also aims at facilitating potential collaborations, among students at different Universities and between students and faculty members.

How to apply?

Students can submit their ideas through this online application form. We welcome applications in all areas of finance, both theory and empirics.

To apply, students must provide the following information:

  • Preliminary title (max 100 characters with spaces)
  • Description of the research question in one paragraph (max 1,000 characters with spaces)
  • Motivation: why is the question relevant? (max 1,000 characters with spaces)
  • Countribution: how does the idea fit in the existing literature? (max 1,000 characters with spaces)


Finance PhD Pitch Perfect

Next Event

Submission deadline: Closed

Online meetings: TBD


Past Events

January 2021. Program
February 2022. Program

Organising Faculty

Fernando Anjos
Associate Professor, Nova SBE
Virginia Gianinazzi
Assistant Professor, Nova SBE

Nova SBE Discussants

Inês Gonçalves
PHD Student, Nova SBE
Luis Teles Morais
PHD Student, Nova SBE
Massimiliano Bondatti
PHD Student, Nova SBE
Mehdi Lehlali
PHD Student, Nova SBE
Miguel Oliveira
PHD Student, Nova SBE
Robert Hill
PHD Student, Nova SBE
Salvador Murteira
PHD Student, Nova SBE


 Dec 10th, 2021

December 30th, 2021


We will select 16 ideas for this year’s Pitch Perfect.

Sessions will be open to all PhD students. Registration is required.


Filipa Teixeira (Organizing team):

Professor Virginia Gianinazzi (Academic team):

Nova SBE Finance Knowledge Center