Filipa Castanheira
Filipa Castanheira
Management and Organizations
Research Track
Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center

Filipa Castanheira is Professor of Human Resource Management. She received her PhD in Social Psychology from Universidade de Lisboa. Her research has been published in journals such as the Human Resource Management (2016; 2014; 2010); International Journal of Training and Development (2012); Journal of Managerial Psychology (2012); Economic and Industrial Democracy (2015; 2010); Journal of Business and Psychology (2006); Military Psychology (2016; 2015a; 2015b); Leadership (2016); and Journal of Organizational Behavior (2016; 2007); among others. The International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM-2013) recently distinguished her work with a ""Best Paper"" award in the track of Journal of Managerial Psychology. She teaches Human Resource Management and Leadership and Change Management at Nova and collaborates with several programs of Executive Education. She is the academic director of the Post-graduation degree in Programa de Gestão Aplicada (Nova SBE Executive Education); and also coordinates the Research Seminars- Management series.

2009 PhD Social Psychology - University ofLisbon

2005 Master in Psychology (Stress and well-being) - University of Lisbon

2001 BSc. in Organizational Psychology - University of Lisbon

Her current research interests include Human resource management, employment relationships, temporary employment, job design, and stress and well-being at work. 

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