Pedro Pita Barros
Pedro Pita Barros

Pedro Pita Barros (PhD in Economics) is the BPI | Fundação “la Caixa” Professor of Health Economics at Nova School of Business of Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He is a member of the European Commission’s “Expert panel on effective ways of investing in health”.

He served as a member of the Portuguese National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences (2015-2021), a member of Portuguese National Health Council  (2017-2021), member of the Board of the Portuguese Energy Regulator (2005/2006), on the Governmental Commission for the Financial Sustainability of the National Health Service (2006/2007) and on European Commission Mission Board for Cancer (2019-2020). He is Past-President of the Portuguese Association of Health Economics, and Past-President of the European Association of Health Economics.

Pedro Pita Barros also served as vice-rector of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2013-2017). He participates on the editorial boards of academic journals in the field of Health Economics. He acted as consultant for both private and public entities, in Portugal and at the European level, in the areas of health economics, competition policy and economic regulation.

His research focuses on health economics and on regulation and competition policy and appeared in many academic journals. Pedro Pita Barros has also several books on health economics (in Portuguese and English).

  • 1997 - Agregação, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
  • 1993 - PhD in Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
  •        Thesis: Essays on Industrial Economy
  • 1992 - MSt in Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
  • 1988 - BSc in Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Economics. Microeconomics. Health economics, economic regulation and competition policy