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"npj Ocean Sustainability" is now open for submissions!
News | 09 December 2021 "npj Ocean Sustainability" is now open for submissions!

With an amazing Editorial Board, "npj Ocean Sustainability" is now open for submissions!

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npj Ocean Sustainability equally welcomes research from natural and social sciences, recognizing the fundamental role of integrating the human dimension into ocean research and management to effectively ensure long term sustainability. It also welcomes research from local to global levels, developed and developing coastal states, and particularly small island developing nations. Sustainable solutions need to be integrative, recognize interlinkages, and allow decision-makers to perceive the “full picture" of what a sustainable ocean entails. The journal is particularly interested in the interlinks between policy & practice, systemic approaches, transformative solutions, and innovation to support ocean sustainability under global environmental, social, and economic challenges. npj Ocean Sustainability therefore welcomes critical reviews, thought-provoking perspectives, and original research articles, theoretical and case study-based, addressing a broad range of fields, their policy dimensions, and pathways and solutions to identified problems.

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