Teacher Turnover in Portuguese Public Schools: Policy Brief
News | 20 July 2022 Teacher Turnover in Portuguese Public Schools: Policy Brief

In this Policy Brief we analyse the turnover of teachers between groups of public schools in mainland Portugal between the academic years 2008/09 and 2017/18. We also investigated whether these movements are associated with the characteristics of the groups and the composition of their teaching staff, for example, in terms of the type of contract and the level of education.

In the current context of teacher shortages in Portugal, where stability is a determining factor in attracting teachers to the career, it is particularly important to know the degree of turnover of current teachers in different types of schools.

This work intends to contribute to a more detailed knowledge of the turnover of teachers and, in this way, to support public policies that lead to greater stability of teachers in schools.

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This Policy Brief's results have been mentioned by Público, RTP and SIC, amongst others.

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