May I apply for a merit scholarship?

We believe that all candidates to Nova SBE are talented and successful. Therefore, all the students applying to the Masters Programs at Nova SBE are automatically eligible to become a Fellow.

 What is Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence?

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence is a program that promotes Fellowship status and empowers talented students that demonstrate exceptional ability, preparing them to be the future generation of leaders in our society.

What are the requirements?

Academic achievements, contribution to the academic life and community in previous studies, extracurricular activities and social engagement will be assessed in a comprehensive and thorough merit-based selection process by the Admissions Committee.

Will I be provided with financial support?

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence provides financial support to the Fellows offering a reduction of 20% in tuition fees for the first academic year.

Fellows are also eligible for additional financial support that may bring the total discount to 50% or even, in some cases, to 80% of tuition.

Do I need to provide any additional documents?

It is not necessary to provide additional documents. 

When will I know if I have been nominated Fellow?

Students are nominated Fellows at the same time as acceptance to the Master Program at Nova SBE and will later on receive an Acceptance Letter to the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence.