Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence

A small number of gifted individuals can have a great impact on society, and they often do. The newly created Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence identifies the most talented students in the school and empowers them to change the world.

The Fellowship prepares individuals to achieve their full potential as students, no doubt, but also as citizens and human beings. The program includes exclusive networking opportunities, internship experiences and a leadership program with business leaders as keynote speakers. In other words, it gives the Fellows the opportunity to go out into the world and leave their mark.

Rewarding talent and commitment is the ultimate purpose of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence. During, Fellows will find room for an infinity of other goals, including their own individual goals. Having their potential recognized is just the beginning: team spirit, entrepreneurship, integrity and respect are no less powerful than ambition, learning agility and curricular performance. The Fellowship is more than just an academic award or honor, it is an ecosystem where energy and creativity turn into deeds, where aspirations and dreams become day-to-day life.


Our Benefactors

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