NHEM's members: Eduardo Costa
News | 20 December 2019 NHEM's members: Eduardo Costa

Activity  1:
NHEM was represented at the annual meeting of the Portuguese Economic Journal, where Eduardo Costa presented his research regarding the impact of hospital strikes. The conference was held in Évora University during July.

Activity  3:
Ongoing research from Eduardo Costa and Laman Orujova was featured in Público newspaper. The authors analyze the relation between life expectancy and distance to emergency care centers, identifying sharp regional asymmetries in Portugal: https://www.publico.pt/2019/08/25/sociedade/noticia/viver-perto-hospital-nao-garante-anos-vida-1884218 

Activity  2:
In the beginning of November, Eduardo Costa was at the “Jornadas de Enfermagem de Setúbal” – a nurses’ conference - for the opening conference where he discussed the role of nurses in the health system.

Activity  4:
In mid-November, Eduardo Costa was at the National Conference of Medical Students to discuss the financial sustainability of health systems, and in particular of the Portuguese NHS. Eduardo shared the plenary session with Dr. Jorge Simões, Dr. João de Deus and Vasco Mendes, which were discussing HR planning, health systems comparisons and medical training programs respectively.

Activity 5:
In December Eduardo makes a pledge to force his family to discuss health economics at the Christmas Eve's diner with his family! And no sweets =)

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