NHEM in the Euhea Early Career Workshop
News | 06 September 2019 NHEM in the Euhea Early Career Workshop

The conference of 3 days was the perfect opportunity for NHEM younger members to present their work and hear the suggestions of the experienced Professors who were present as supervisors.

In the first day, there was a pre-conference workshop in non-experimental evaluation methodology in the morning, followed by the beginning of the conference with a set of presentations in the afternoon and a welcome cocktail.

In the second day, Teresa Bago de Uva presented the problems and the possible solutions of measurement error in the plenary session. By the end of the day, after another battery of presentations, the conference went to casa da música for the long-awaited grand dinner. The dinner was followed by a concert, by Rozalen, and a night out.

In the last day, the last speakers presented, and the conference concluded with a closure ceremony.


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