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* For each additional semester, students will be required to pay an additional fee (for a maximum of three additional semesters).

1.5 years                 11 900€

— Applicable for the  2022/23 academic year

1.5 years                 11 900€

— Applicable for the  2022/23 academic year. 
— The application for the exchange semester will occur the students' academic period at Nova SBE

2 years                 19 134€

— Applicable for the  2022/23 academic year
—Enrolment in the CEMS MIM program becomes effective after the payment of an additional 1500€ non-refundable fee which will be deducted from the total tuition fee

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Grants, Scholarships and Awards*

* Applicable for the 2021/22 academic year.


What is an Income Share Agreement (ISA) by Fundação José Neves (FJN)?
This is an innovative financing model, different from a traditional credit.
ISA aims to support Portuguese students in accessing learning programs that enable them to acquire the right skills for the future.
Fundação José Neves (FJN) will make the master’s tuition fee full payment directly to Nova SBE.  Students do not need to provide guarantees to benefit from the program.
They will only reimburse the payment when one starts working and if one reaches the professional goals that were defined with FJN at the time of the ISA subscription.

Who can apply for ISA FJN?
ISA FJN addresses all Portuguese candidates accepted and enrolled in a master's program at Nova SBE (except for the CEMS MIM program).

How to apply for an ISA FJN?
Students must enrol first in one of the Nova SBE master's programs and then they will be eligible to apply for an ISA FJN.
Application takes place on José Neves Foundation's website, on the "apply" button, and it's a digital and straightforward process, in which the use of the digital mobile key is required.

To know more, go this page here.

Who can apply?
The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence program identifies the most talented students in the school. All candidates are considered based on their general application, and candidates will be selected by Nova SBE.

How does it work?
All Fellows will be offered a 50 % reduction on their first-year tuition fees and to be awarded a reduction in tuition fees. To be considered as a Fellow, prospects must apply for it on the Master’s program application form.

If one is selected as a Fellow and has also been awarded an Academic Merit Scholarship and/or a Means tested scholarship, she/he will keep the highest exemption from those.

This scholarship does not cover the enrollment fee, CEMS and Double Degree fees and applications are only available during the Fall Intake.

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Who can apply? 
EU students with a permanent residence permit in Portugal.

How does it work? 
SASNOVA grants direct social support, scholarships and emergency aids, to 1st and 2nd cycle students whose average monthly family income is below 1.2 x RMMG (Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Remuneration), dictated by dispatch number 4183 from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education on March 6th 2007, as well as by the ruling law. Scholarships granted by SASNOVA are paid directly by DGES. Monthly installments will be paid by bank transfer by the dates indicated on the website.

SAS – Serviços de Acção Social da UNL (Social Services)
Dra. Iva Matos 
(+351) 21 371 56 00

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Who can apply?
Portuguese students with academic merit and financial need, based on their application and interview for the Means-tested scholarship.

How does it work?
Every academic year, the Amélia de Mello Foundation awards two scholarships that cover the tuition fee of two Nova SBE Masters’ students. The candidates’ assessment is based both on their academic performance and financial needs.

This scholarship does not cover the enrollment fee, and applications are only available during the Fall Intake.

Who can apply?
Outstanding students from sub-Saharan African countries who have been accepted at Nova SBE.

How does it work?
It consists of a tuition waiver and a subsistence allowance. 

Before being considered for this scholarship, students must secure their admission in a Nova SBE degree of their choice. 

It is recommended that prospective candidates apply well in advance of degree application deadlines, as scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis.

To apply, students must send an email to NOVAFRICA Knowledge Center, with a CV, letter of enrollment in a Nova SBE program, and a motivation letter.

For further information please see NOVAFRICA website.

Who can apply?
Selected students with financial needs.

How does it work?
When applying to a Master’s Program, candidates should state if they wish to be considered for this means-tested scholarship. If so, they should add a relevant tax return transcript to their application. The Student Recruitment & Admissions Office will then contact the applicant for an interview alongside the Student Development and Well-Being Office.

This scholarship does not cover the enrollment fee and applications are available during the Fall and Spring Intake.

This means-tested scholarship can be accumulated with the Academic Merit one, but not with the Fellowship for Excellence. If awarded a means-tested scholarship and/or an Academic Merit Scholarship, and then selected as Fellow, one will keep the highest exemption.

Who can apply?
Merit scholarships are provided to students who display high academic performance based on their application. The scholarship holders are selected by Nova SBE.

How does it work?
It consists of financial support that varies from 20 % to 50 %. If awarded an Academic Merit Scholarship and/or a Means tested scholarship, and then selected as Fellow, one will keep the highest exemption.

This scholarship does not cover the enrollment fee, CEMS and Double Degree fees and applications are only available during the Fall Intake.

The AMBA Award intends to distinguish the Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) Bachelor’s in Economics and Bachelor’s in Management students who enrolled in one of the Nova SBE Master’s programs, that show the skills and the commitment to make a difference as professionals and citizens of a global community.

This award will be valued at 1500€. The chosen candidate will also be entitled to three days of unique professional experience in three different companies, in which AMBA Alumni have volunteered for said effect, and three lunches or breakfasts with the CEOs of the same organizations. The chosen candidate will also have the opportunity to have personalized academic development for a year through mentorship sessions with an AMBA alumnus/alumna and a 10 % discount fee on the tuition fee.

To know more about this award, click here.

Applications will be officially open from August 30, 2022 to October 14, 2022 and only for students starting their studies in Fall Intake. Apply here.

For more information, contact the AMBA Association at  

Merit scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional performance, regardless of their income, in accordance with the Regulation of Allocation of Scholarships for Students of Higher Education Institutions.

Erasmus Santander Scholarships

The Erasmus Santander Scholarships are meant for 2022/23 Bachelor’s and Master’s students, who have been allocated to go abroad within the Erasmus + Programme.

To make sure nothing gets in their way, Santander partnered with several universities, among which is Nova SBE, to provide students with a financial aid of 500 and 1000€ to allow students to go on Erasmus and follow their global aspirations.

Learn all about the criteria, deadlines, and how to apply here.

Income Share Agreement by Fundação José Neves

To understand this financing model – different from a traditional credit – analyse in detail a financing plan for an amount of €12,000, approximately the value of the master’s tuition fee.

Analyse case 3
Upon being accepted by the FJN, the student will sign an ISA contract in which one commits to share 10% of one’s salary, in a maximum of 72 payments.
After finishing the program, if one has a gross annual salary of €20,000 (€1,667 monthly gross), she/he will pay only €167 for 72 months.
No upfront costs, no commissions, and no need for personal guarantees.
With an ISA one is fully protected against unforeseen circumstances, such as unemployment situations or difficulties in entering the job market.