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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know concerning your Master’s at Nova SBE.

The International Master’s in Management is one of the eight Master’s Program offered at Nova SBE, while the CEMS MIM is a joint program offered by the alliance of 34 prestigious CEMS Business Schools, to be completed in conjunction with one of the Nova SBE Master's.  Therefore, you can apply for - and enroll in - both programs.

At Nova SBE, around 50% of IMM students are also enrolled in the CEMS MIM (i.e. they complete the IMM curriculum in year 1 and the CEMS curriculum in year 2). Upon graduation, CEMS students receive two diplomas: a Masters degree issued by Nova SBE and the CEMS MIM certificate issued by the CEMS Alliance. Students enrolled only in the IMM receive one diploma, the IMM diploma degree issued by Nova SBE.

At Nova SBE, all Double Degree students need also to be enrolled in the International Master’s in Management (IMM) or in the International Master’s in Finance (IMF)*. Upon graduation, Double Degree students receive two Master diplomas: a Master degree issued by Nova SBE and a second Master degree issued by one of the Double Degree partner schools.

*Except the Double Degree students in the Master’s in Economics with the partner Universities Insper (Brazil), Louvain School of Management (Belgium) and Luiss (Italy).

The exclusive International Master’s in Management (IMM) adds to the features of the Master’s in Management:

1) A strong emphasis on internationalization through the mandatory completion of the international experience and the international Field Lab Thesis.

2) An exclusive and personalized support to enter the job Market and to potentiate career progression after graduation.

Requirements to apply to the International Master’s in Management (IMM) and to the  Master’s in Management are different (Please refer to the ‘Apply’ section of each Master’s Program).