Talk with Renova's CEO, Paulo Pereira da Silva - <p>Following PME Magazine&#39;s 15th edition, Paulo Pereira da Silva, CEO of Renova, is coming to Nova SBE.</p>
Talking Digital - <p>Themed talks on the importance of digital for companies&#39; growth strategy.</p>
12H Procurement - <p>&nbsp;Training event focused on the correct purchase and procurement management. Find out more&nbsp;<strong><a href=";utm_source=hs_email&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;_hsenc=p2ANqtz--N_Fz4fPy5JYCFybaafAfkYZis5t-VKpR2tdwjJdAKXNQhXsPpt9m03zVBMAeoMwwWeN2F">HERE</a></strong>.</p>
World Innovation Circle - <p>Join us on this global scale experiences exchange that gives you the opportunity to analyze your organization&#39;s innovation capabilities. Find out more and apply <a href=""><strong>HERE</strong></a>.</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Maria João Carioca - <p>The Scientific Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program Applied Management, Filipa Castanheira, invites Maria João Carioca, the new sponsor of the program, to address the challenges that professionals...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: António Simões - <p>Miguel Pina e Cunha, Scientific Coordinator of the oldest Postgraduate Program from Nova SBE, General Management, invites the new sponsor of the program, António Simões, for a brief conversation where...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Jorge Cardoso - <p>The Scientific Coordinator of the Corporate Finance Postgraduate Program, Paulo Soares de Pinho, invites Jorge Freire Cardoso, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Miguel Azevedo - <p>Paulo Soares de Pinho, Scientific Coordinator of the Financial Markets &amp; Risk Management Postgraduate Program, invites the new sponsor of the program, Miguel Azevedo, to reflect on the challenges...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Pedro Pereira da Silva - <p><meta name="uuid" content="uuidnhibrdL0coHr" /><meta charset="utf-8" />The Executive Coordinator of the Supply Chain Management Postgraduate Program, Pedro Silva Caldeira, invites Pedro Pereira da Silva, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</meta></meta></p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Isabel Vaz - <p><meta name="uuid" content="uuidj3xF2osRWSqF" /><meta charset="utf-8" /></p> <p>Filipa Breia da Fonseca, Scientific Coordinator, and Filipe Costa, Executive Coordinator, of the Healthcare Management Postgraduate Program, invite Isabel Vaz, the new sponsor of the program, to...</p></meta></meta>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Alexandra Brandão - <p>The Scientific Coordinator of the People &amp; Talent Management Postgraduate Program, Pedro Neves, invites Alexandra Brandão, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</p>
Welcome to the Future of Learning: o novo caminho da transformação - <p>Nova SBE Executive Education is about to launch a new platform that opens up a world of possibilities and learning solutions. A new world where you can choose to learn. Register now and have exclusive...</p>
Paradigm Shift Conference: Sustainable Transformation - <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The fact that organizations can no longer ignore sustainability in their transformational processes is not an innovative idea anymore. Consumers, employees and financial markets expect it....</p>
Masterclass: Strategy - <p>Have you ever stopped to think strategically about your business? The demands of day-to-day life and the pressure to produce results in the short-term do not allow for reflection on current...</p>
Webinar: Digital Trends in 2021 - <p>Ready to conquer the digital world?</p> <p>Navigating&nbsp;a sea of ​​infinite possibilities like the Internet requires expertise and strategic thinking. When everyone is in the same boat and&nbsp;is a...</p>
Webinar: Business Transformation in a Post-COVID-19 World - <p>Join Nova SBE Executive Education and guests from the Innovation area for webinar on Business Transformation in the post-COVID-19 world, and find out how some of the leading companies in Portugal are...</p>
How will organizations innovate in the future? - <p>Get to know the Post-Graduation in Innovation &amp; Entrepreneurship - a&nbsp;program that, for the first time, unlocks the door&nbsp;for innovation in organizations&nbsp;through a solid...</p>
Nova SBE and NOVA School of Law join forces - <p>Find out how Nova SBE Executive Education and NOVA School of Law will join forces in a very special session filled with distinguished guests from both institutions.<br /> Do not miss this round table...</br></p>
Webinar: What´s next on Sales Strategy & Business Development? - <p>In this webinar we will discuss what are the New Realities in sales, new ways of interacting with customers, the Omnichannel, and new skills. We will also have a special guest and teacher in the...</p>
European Space Business Programme - Information Day for the Launch experience - <p>Launch of the European Space Business Programme by the European business schools Rotterdam School of Management, Nova School of Business and Economics, University of St. Gallen in collaboration with...</p>
Webinar: Space is the new frontier - <p>We have seen the rapid evolution of space technology that has come to support the delivery of the global internet, help battle climate change, or even taking people to mars. Thus, a growing number of...</p>
Nova SBE SalesShaker returns on September 30 - <p>In 2021,&nbsp;Nova SBE SalesShaker is creating 6 Conference Rooms with virtual reality&nbsp;and distinct dynamics to bring together top executives, masterminds, experts, and successful influencers to...</p>
WITH Talks - Tourism Strategy in Times of Disruption - <p>Join Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida (Administrator of the Vila Galé Group), Sérgio Guerreiro (Director of the Westmont Institute of Tourism &amp; Hospitality of Nova SBE) and Marta Sousa Pires (Senior...</p>
Open Session - Post-Graduate Program in Health Management - <p>Join Filipa Breia da Fonseca (Scientific Coordinator), Filipe Costa (Executive Coordinator), and André Valente (Professor&nbsp;of the Clinical Research module) to learn about the postgraduate...</p>
The Challenges for Digital Transformation in 2022 - <p>Join the faculty of the program Leading the Digital Transformation: João Castro, Academic Supervisor at Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab, and Sara Gomes, AI Strategy Manager at Accenture, to reflect on...</p>
PME Magazine Webtalks - 4th edition - <p>The fourth edition of the PME Magazine Webtalks takes place on November 2nd, from 10:00 am, with the special participation of Paulo Veiga, founder and CEO of Grupo EAD. He&nbsp;will talk about the...</p>
Supply chains: from ambition to action - <p>Supply chains remain under fire. Are they part of the problem or the solution?</p> <p>They bring together, link, and transform natural, technological, and human resources and are fundamental links in...</p>
SingularityU Portugal - Exponentially speaking - <p>Join Tiago Forjaz, SU Portugal expert on Leadership and the Future of Work, and Eduardo Ibrahim, SU Brazil expert on Exponential Economics and AI, in an exciting conversation about the current trends...</p>
Presentation of the 23rd edition of PME Magazine - <p>PME Magazine presents its 23rd edition in a hybrid event. In-person participation subject to room capacity and safety standards.</p> <p>PME Magazine returns on the 19th, in a hybrid format, online and in...</p>
Marketing Wave 2022 - <p>Marketing Wave is here again! Don&#39;t miss the chance to participate in NOMA Marketing Consulting Student Club&#39;s annual marketing event. You will have unique networking moments and access to...</p>
X-INDEX IS BACK! - <div>Fullsix and NOVA SBE present X-INDEX 2022 - The CX Barometer in Portugal.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The PT X Index is a Barometer that explores, in a holistic way, the different dimensions on which the Portuguese...</div>
Credibility and Trust in Negotiation - <div>The success of a negotiation largely depends on the creation of trusting relationships. This webinar focuses on when to trust the other party, when they should trust us, and how to reciprocate that...</div>
Executive Talks | Do companies need new leaders? - <div>Do we need new leaders? Two challenging years for companies, teleworking, and confinement have shown us that we need leaderships that go&nbsp;beyond the distance of a touch.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Join Pedro...</div>
Employee appreciation - <div>The launch of the 24th edition of PME Magazine will take place on April 19&nbsp;and will be dedicated to the theme &ldquo;Employee appreciation&rdquo;.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Filipa Martins, CEO of Edenred...</div>
Nova SBE Sustainability Journey - <div data-mrow-uuid="f2c704ee-4750-48d9-f6e1-03568fb31c98"> <div data-id="sys-block-contentblock" data-maglr_random="mmk6mhxxtrb8" data-uuid="f2c704ee-4750-48d9-f6e1-03568fb31c98" style="margin-left:auto;"> <div> <div data-id="sys-background-col1" data-systype="color" data-uuid="87e7ab0b-4a84-4901-cdee-0bfa79b242e6"> <div data-id="sys-contentarea-area1" data-uuid="2980c02a-9b09-4de4-d521-6c993b17c711"> <div data-mrow-uuid="0bc2ca2a-b1fc-4ae3-d149-9c85c11c4334"> <div data-id="sys-block-contentblock" data-maglr_random="ek14jfotu1gd" data-uuid="0bc2ca2a-b1fc-4ae3-d149-9c85c11c4334" style="margin-left:auto;"> <div data-id="sys-text-text01" data-uuid="e345bb15-cfe4-4639-b27a-bc52923192f9"> <p>We aim positive impact toward a desirable future of planet centricity.<br /> <br /> A renovated vision for capitalism and liberal democracies. Within this context,&nbsp;Nova SBE will host a Sustainability...</br></br></p></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>
PME Magazine Webtalks - 5th Edition - <p>PME Magazine Webtalks are back for the launch of the 25th edition of PME Magazine, with Sofia Moreira de Santos.</p> <p><strong>About the event</strong></p> <div>The fifth edition of PME Magazine Webtalks will take place on the 4th...</div>
Webinar: New Realities in Sales and the Pricing Challenges - <div>What will be the best sales strategy to&nbsp;adopt? What should be prioritized&nbsp;in my business development strategy?</div> <div>In a session led by Professor Jorge Velosa, Scientific Coordinator of the...</div>
Space For Business Webinar - <p>Are you prepared for the New Space revolution? The space sector is undergoing a rapid transformation, and now is the time to get on board. Join our live webinar on <strong>December 20th at 19.00</strong> <strong>CET</strong> to learn...</p>
From Theory to Practice: how the Executive Coaching Certificate works - <div>In this webinar session&nbsp;we present you the Executive Coaching Certificate that exists in our portfolio, in partnership with&nbsp;the Henley Business School certification, and also a unique triple...</div>
Open Session: Postgraduate Program in Data for Business - <p>How to create value for the business through your company&#39;s data? Do you know how to identify all the necessary resources for Analytics and Artificial Intelligence projects? Find&nbsp;the answer...</p>
Negotiation Skills: How to Trust and Build Trust - <p>The success of a negotiation depends, to a large extent, on the creation of trusting relationships. This webinar focuses on when to trust the other party and, when they trust us, how to reciprocate...</p>
Open Class: Trading Seminar with Pedro Lino - <p>Live the Nova SBE experience while navigating the world of financial markets, their importance, and how to act in them, as well as learning the best investment strategies.</p> <p><b>Who&#39;s Pedro Lino?</b><br /> Pedro...</br></p>
Open Day: Postgraduate Programs and Executive Masters - <p>Answer all your questions about our Postgraduate and Executive Master&#39;s programs.</p>
Webinar: Creative, Sophisticated, and Destructive: New Cybersecurity Threats - <p>&ldquo;We are under massive cyber-attack!&rdquo; It is almost certain that at some point in their careers, managers will be confronted with this urgency. In this conversation, Filipe Domingues and...</p>
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10 Sep '24
Nova SBE Event | Tuesday Open Day: Postgraduate Programs and Executive Masters

Answer all your questions about our Postgraduate and Executive Master's programs.

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