Where to stay?

A place you can call home

Deciding where to live is a very personal choice – you should always consider different factors like commuting times, rent prices, available services, activities, etc. For example, finding a place to live closer to the campus may be more practical since it will reduce commuting times, but some students might prefer to be closer to Lisbon or Cascais city centers. 

If students wish to stay in Lisbon, the best areas to stay and commute every day to campus are the areas closest to the Cascais train line (Cais do Sodré, Alcântara, Santos, Belém), or more central areas that are closest to subway stations that can quickly take you to Cais do Sodré (green line) or to Terreiro do Paço (blue line). Check the subway map to have a clear understanding of all the lines.


Need a hand?

Nova SBE has partnered with a great variety of accommodation providers. Students can find housing possibilities on campus, in its surroundings, and in Lisbon and Cascais as well. If you are wondering whether to stay in central Lisbon or Cascais and commute every day or live closer to the Carcavelos Campus we can help you search between the options that suit you best. 

Don't forget to check our Life at Nova Guide (available through the Student Hub) to find discount codes for some of our partners.

A lot of options to choose from

It's a unique experience! Student residence is located less than 3km from campus, 800m from the beach, and near the Parede train station. It has an all-inclusive pricing policy – rent includes bed linen, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, Wi-Fi, electricity and water supply, rooms with a private bathroom, TV, mini-fridge , and air conditioning. Also, an annexed garage is available that students may use to store their bicycles and surfboards – very useful for a beach lifestyle.


Renovated student housing, in the Parede area. All properties benefit from a high standard of decoration and furnishings as well as facilities, inclusive of all bills, cleaning of common areas, maintenance, gardening, and pool. With the purpose of providing comfort, safety, and support to students, it's a memorable experience where you can study, relax and make friends from all over the world.


It's a Portuguese lifestyle brand providing students and young professionals with a premium co-living experience in several of the most desirable locations across Lisbon and expanding rapidly to meet the demand. Special offers for students in shared apartments with private rooms, with properties in Lisbon and closer to the campus. They offer special booking options that vary according to the length of the student's program. Inspiration and positive experiences are what Coolinvin guarantees.


Providing maximum convenience, InLife is a platform that offers a wide range of verified rooms and apartments to rent in Lisbon and Carcavelos, with great access to Nova SBE. With their "Assisted Booking", simply choose your preferred location, set your price range, and add any specific preferences you may have – they'll do the rest!


Milestone Residences, an experienced premium student housing provider, has two buildings in Carcavelos: Milestone Nova SBE (on-campus) and Milestone Carcavelos Lombos (about 10-minute walking distance from the campus). Both buildings offer different studios with private bathrooms, and communal spaces such as kitchens, lounges, gyms, and other rooms!


A platform created by a Nova SBE alumnus that anticipated the students' desire to live close to the Carcavelos Campus and the beach. This platform covers different house types located near the campus and surrounding areas equally well served by public transportation.


It offers "all inclusive" housing where all rents include Wi-Fi, electricity , and water. The apartments are fully furnished with a private kitchenette and bathroom. Besides multiple sites in Lisbon, they have a residence with 300 studios in Carcavelos (a 10-minute walk from campus).


A student housing residence in central Lisbon with studios and suites designed to provide a safe and relaxed environment while fostering community spirit. Available features include access to Wi-Fi, a 24/7 reception, a gym, study rooms, laundry, indoor parking, a multimedia room, and a private terrace. 


Online student accommodation booking with properties in Lisbon and around Carcavelos. It offers different kinds of properties from shared apartments with private rooms to small studios for more exclusivity. 


The Social Welfare Services of NOVA University Lisbon have some subsidized rooms for Nova SBE students in the Campolide and Lumiar residencies (Lisbon). 

For availability, please contact SAS NOVA (alojamento@unl.pt), and check their website for additional information. 

Lisbon - Cascais connection

Finding a room in the campus surroundings will be more practical, since it will allow you to get to the campus on a shorter time and the rent will probably be more appealing.

However, you may choose a place further away, somewhere along the coast. There’s a train connecting all locations between Lisbon and Cascais, which will make your life easier.

If you wish to live in the center of Lisbon, there are 4 subway lines that reach the suburban areas. You should take the train to Carcavelos in Cais do Sodré, which is the station for the green line of the subway.

At the moment, there are nearly 400 beds around campus. There will be around 1000 more in the next couple of years.


New 1000 Beds under construction

Campus Surrounding areas

~400 Beds


Close to train stations ~800 Beds