Inclusive Community Forum

Employment Presentation Photo of two people presenting the results during the Inclusive Community Forum’s annual event for the Employment theme.


Inclusive Recruitment

In 2017, the ICF developed solutions to improve the employability of people with disabilities.

After making a diagnosis and understanding where the action was needed, solutions were developed and tested alongside the community through pilot projects.

Today, these solutions – Inclusive Recruitment Process, Commitment to Inclusion, Peer2Peer, and Inclusive Future – have been handed over to the community and follow their path fulfilling the purpose for which they were created.

The Inclusive Recruitment Process has been specially designed to allow people with disabilities better access to job market opportunities and companies to hire disabled employees through a specialized service.

This market mechanism is used by the recruitment and selection companies, which link the profile of people with disabilities looking for a job and the specific needs of companies that want to hire people with disabilities. This way, the necessary support for the company and the disabled employee in the new job during the inclusion process is also ensured.

The creation of the Inclusive Recruitment Process resulted from the HR4Inclusion pilot project, developed by the ICF, alongside recruitment and selection agencies, and IPSS dedicated to the lives of people with disabilities during the development of the Employability theme.

The Inclusive Recruitment Process is currently being applied by Argo Partners, Michael Page, Randstad and Your People that can be contacted for this purpose.

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Action Plan

How to participate?

If you have a disability and are looking for a job, an IPSS dedicated to the life of disabled people with job candidates, or a company that wants to hire employees with disabilities, find out what you have to do.