Inclusive Community Forum

Inclusion LABs Photo of Inclusion LABs’ participants working together during one session.


The ICF's Academic Approach to Education

Since the very beginning, the ICF has sought academic robustness. Thus, in the context of the theme of Education, it has relied on following a new working methodology - System Change.

System Change is one of the methodologies used to solve particularly complex and comprehensive problems, acting on the system as a whole for its full transformation. Thus, System Change put into practice under the guidance of Professor Silvia Herrero, brings to the ICF the necessary academic complement and greater robustness to the process while allowing a greater and even more active community involvement. The community is called to develop the work, from the analysis of the current context to the design and implementation of solutions in the field. The final result thus being the fruit of the community.

Despite the complexity and scope of the current challenge (strengthening the empowerment of people with disabilities for working life), the ICF is confident in the positive transformation of this context thanks to the methodology used, the experience and knowledge of the academic management in this area and the active and enthusiastic involvement the ICF has witnessed from its community.