South Atlantic Triangle

Nova School of Business and Economics has leveraged on its Portuguese heritage to develop specific expertise on two regions that are driving global economic growth. Africa, and more specifically, sub-Saharan Africa, is seeing economic growth that is out pacing most western economies, whilst Brazil is clearly establishing itself as the economic powerhouse of South America.

Faculty and students interested in developing a deeper understanding of these regions and increasing career opportunities can take advantage of Nova´s institutional relations and initiatives on both continents 


Exchange and Double Degree Programs to Increase career options

Nova School of Business and Economics has a strong network of agreements with leading Brazilian academic institutions. For students at Nova, this means having access to:

Exchange Agreements

  EBAPE FGV Rio de Janeiro (BSc in Mgmt)

  Universidade de São Paulo (BSc)

  IBMEC Rio de Janeiro (BSc)

  INSPER São Paulo (BSc, MSc, Double Degree)

  EAESP FGV S. Paulo (BSc, MSc, MBA, DD, Mgmt)

  EPGE FGV Rio de Janeiro (PhD)

  EESP FGV S. Paulo (BSc Econ, DD)

  EBEF FGV Rio de Janeiro (BSc Econ)

  Pontificia Univ. Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (BSc, PhD)


Double Degree Programs

Nova Students have access to double degree programs with leading schools in Brazil. Students accepted to the double degree programs receive dual Masters Degrees from Nova and from one of the partner schools in Brazil at the completion of their studies. Students have an option of choosing EAESP, EESP and INSPER, all in São Paulo.

Study Trips

Masters students at Nova can enroll in regularly organized study trips to Brazil, which include a visit to major corporations and universities in that country. Organized several times a year, these trips are an opportunity for students to explore career options in Latin America in general and Brazil specifically, but also to develop knowledge that can be applied in careers elsewhere.



Founded in early 2010, Angola Business School aims to provide executive education, opportunities for research, and consulting services in the Angola. With over 250 students in 2010, and 6 Corporate Partners, ABS is currently providing opportunities for faculty to develop Africa specific knowledge and research, but also for students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges of Doing Business in Africa.

For more information on the programs that ABS offers, visit its site here .



NOVAFRICA is a knowledge center created by the Nova School of Business and Economics of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
Its mission is to produce distinctive expertise on business and economic development in Africa. A particular focus is on Portuguese-speaking Africa.
Central to NOVAFRICA’s activity is an in-depth understanding of the target economies, including their institutions, private sector, and civil society. NOVAFRICA is grounded on the belief that business and economic development is about a myriad of successful micro-experiences supported by a stable and robust macro-environment that should be documented, understood and communicated. For this purpose, the center will adopt multidisciplinary approaches to study the role of individuals, organizations and institutions in the process of prosperity creation.  
Knowledge created by NOVAFRICA is be based on the top-quality economic and management research produced by its members and associates. This research is meant to reach all interested stakeholders through policy recommendations, operational and strategic advice to companies and organizations, consultancy and capacity building in Africa.