TropiKMan PhD is an Informal International Consortium (IC) joint by the Tropical Research Institute (IICT) to manage the Program. The IC gathers, besides IICT, the following institutions:

  1. Nova School of Business and Economics, as the leading institution, which is Triple Crown accredited and a CEMS member school. The expertise of NovaSBE in high rated post-graduation programs with high records in tropical research and cooperation programs by the partners, ensuring the best combination for a successfully PD. NovaSBE was the 1st higher education institution in Portugal to introduce structured PhD programs, in the tradition developed by the best American universities. In management adavanced education, the school launched the first MBA in Portugal, constantly ranked one of the best MBA programs in Europe. Faculty at NovaSBE has a well-established academic record, publishing regularly in outstanding referred journals in the areas of the PhD program.
  2. Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical (IHMT), is targeted for the tropics. With more than 100-years existence, is characterized by its post-graduate training, research and cooperation towards developing the scientific knowledge of tropical and inter-tropical health related issues. The goal is to exploring new themes and specializations, which are vital in today’s global society. IMHT cooperates with education institutions from the Portuguese-speaking countries, World Health Organization, European Union or the World Bank.
  3. African Universities Eduardo Mondlane (UEM), which is the most prestigious university in Mozambique and holds long term relations with IICT namely consubstantiate in the joint Biotechnology Masters and in the in preparation Masters in Post Harvesting Sciences. UEM is engaged in collaborative research and strategic partnership with international institutions that work for development, and universities all over the world.
  4. Mozambique and Pretoria (UP) aims at developing international visibility and recognition in areas of importance to developing countries, especially those of Africa and in the global South, such as animal and human health and education. It joins the IC via its department of Veterinary and Tropical Diseases.
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