PhD Placement

  • Maria Jo√£o Velez
    Dissertation "Leadership as a Process: The Interplay Between Leaders, Followers and Context", July 2016
    Advisor Prof. Pedro Neves
    Placement Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE)

    Sandra Cristina Pereira Costa 
    Dissertation "Psychologycal Contract Breach: Underlying Mechanisms and Defining Boundary Conditions", November 2016
    Advisor Prof. Pedro Neves
    Placement Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE)

    Sara Jahanmir
    Dissertation "Three Essays on Entrepreneurship and Innovation: The role of late adopters", December 2016
    Advisor Prof. Luis Lages
    Placement Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Bernardo Pimentel  
    Dissertation "The Role of Individual Ability and Structural Embeddedness on Entrepreneurial Success", May 2015
    Advisor Prof. José Mata
    Placement ISEG

    Pedro Pires 
    "Does Ownership Structure Matter?", September 2015
    Prof. Miguel Ferreira
    Post-Doc at Nova SBE (ERC Project)

  • Nina Bauer
    Dissertation "The role of objects in creative collaborations"
    Advisor Prof. Miguel Pina e Cunha and Stewart Clegg
    Placement Hermann Bauer GMBH

    Vera Colaço
    Dissertation "Ethical Consumption (In)Decisions‚ÄĚ
    Advisor Prof. Rita Coelho do Vale
    Placement Consulting for the Textiles & Apparel Industry

    Cl√°udia Costa
    Dissertation "Three essays on innovation: The moderating roles of reputation for innovation, CSR Principles and Managerial Perceptions of Environmental Turbulence"
    Advisor Prof. Luis Lages
    Awarded "Best Doctoral Thesis 2014" - Ant√≥nio Sim√Ķes Lopes Award by Ordem dos Economistas and pwc