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Nova SBE - Living the Future

"Living the future" é um programa de verão, com a duração de uma semana, para alunos de ensino secundário que se irão graduar em 2018, 2019 ou 2020 e que estão a pensar tirar uma licenciatura em Economia ou Gestão numa business school de topo. A Nova SBE está à vossa procura. Prontos para aceitarem este desafio?

The Lisbon Experience

The Lisbon Experience: Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation aims to be an immersion exercise in which students will be able to experience the academic excellence of our faculty and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Lisbon.


The Lisbon MBA Executive 2018-20 - Inscrições abertas

As inscrições para o The Lisbon MBA Executive 2018-20 estão oficialmente abertas. Aproveite esta oportunidade.


The Lisbon MBA International Full Time 2019 - Inscrições abertas

A primeira ronda de inscrições para o The Lisbon MBA International Full-Time 2019 está oficialmente aberta. Inscreva-se.


By now, you have probably heard of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence students, what they can do, what they aspire to, and probably even met some of them. Last week, we introduced you to Gabriella Romeo, the Italian adventurous and daydreaming girl who majored in Philosophy and who, after being halfway across the world, came to Nova SBE to get her Masters in Management.

We now want you to meet yet another of these inspiring individuals of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence: Andreas Nowottny. Born in Germany, he finished high school in 2011 before packing his bags and started working as a case manager in a homeless shelter in the United States of America for a year. Upon his return, Andreas studied International Management at ESB, in Germany, and LUMS, in the UK, for two years each and seized internship opportunities at Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, Mutares AG, and as Philip Janssen Strategy Consultants to build up his career and to start having a sense of how he wanted to shape his future and that of his surroundings. However, Andreas’ journey was far from staying still. Upon graduation, he kept wanting to broaden his horizon and think differently about the world, so he started his career in consulting. He began working for Roland Berger while simultaneously supporting a local refugee shelter in Stuttgart on the weekends.


And what’s the importance of this, you may ask? Without these deeds, he wouldn’t have founded his first two companies, one of which he still runs today. Have you heard of www.thegoldengate.de? It was created with the aim of facilitating volunteering services in the US for young adults and help make local change, global change. Andreas believes that there is a lot to be done and that we are the ones who have the power to do it. As he puts it:

“(…) Every single one of us can have a tremendous impact with what we are doing as long as we are passionate about it, put in the work and really believe in what we are doing. “

One of the many Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence ideals is to have a responsible impact in our society, but Andreas proves that if you dedicate yourself to your most inspiring projects and if you strive to go beyond your reach, you can actually make the world around you a better place.