carcavelos campus parking

Nova SBE promotes sustainable mobility solutions, which are not only environmentally friendly, but also allow you to take advantage of what Carcavelos (and also Lisbon’s city center) have to offer you with all the means of transportation especially designed for you. However, if you choose to use a car when travelling to the new campus these are the main parking options at the Carcavelos Campus:

  1. There are 3 open fields around the campus where you can park (pink area), with capacity for 970 cars and only 3 to 10 minutes away (walking distance) from campus. Parking here is free of charge during Winter time. In the Summer, parking spaces are charged 2€ for the day.

  2. There are areas surrounding the campus with at least 250 parking spaces (blue area). These areas are duly marked with the Parking symbol. From November to April parking costs a minimum of 0.10€ (15 min) and a maximum of 1.00€ (daily amount). From May to October parking there can cost from a minimum of 0.30€ (15min) to a maximum of 3.20€ (4 hours).

  3. The Carcavelos Train Station is located 20 minutes away from campus and it has a parking lot for 300 cars. Public transport users have access to a reduced fee (15€ per month) to use this parking and the cost for the remaining users is 20€ per month. For occasional usage the parking costs 1€ per day.

  4. Nova SBE will have a parking lot with underground access that lead you directly to the campus building. It has 530 spaces available and tickets are charged to students by the hour. During the Summer tariffs may rise.



1 hour


1 – 6 hours


6 – 24 hours