Steffen Hoernig

Steffen Hoernig

Associate Professor


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Steffen Hoernig is Associate Professor of Economics at the Nova School of Business and Economics. He obtained his PhD degree from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. His research area is Industrial Organization, with emphasis on network economics, research and development, and oligopoly theory. His research has been published in journals such as Economic Theory, European Economic Review, Information Economics and Policy, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Telecommunications Policy, among others. He has been an economic consultant for regulators and firms in network markets.

He teaches Information and Games, and Industrial Organization, at the undergraduate level; Game Theory at the MSc level; and Microeconomics at the PhD level at Nova.

He is Associate Editor of Information Economics and Policy and Review of Economics, and on the editorial board of Telecommunications Policy.

  • Current research interests include: competition and regulation in network industries; roll-out of next-generation networks; nonlinear pricing.

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