Nova SBE's research seeks to produce knowledge in economics, finance and management that can foster positive change. We focus on developing research in some of the most challenging economic and social issues, informing on public policies and management practices. 

Research is in line with the school's mission which aims at being the international school for the Portuguese-speaking world and one of the top business schools in Europe. This positioning benefits from the unique cultural ties with Portuguese-speaking countries and communities across the world. 

One single research unit with a cross-disciplinary approach

Nova School of Business and Economics research unit works as a hub of knowledge congregating affiliated researchers who cover a vast array of interest areas and projects in economics, finance and management.

Researchers are organized in six Research Groups along disciplinary affinities that leverage research capabilities by boosting mentoring and support for junior researchers and working towards the improvement of teaching and program development.

Clustering these research groups in a single unit provides an institutional framework in order to favor cross-fertilization between different disciplinary areas. Cross-disciplinary orientation is what best reflects the distinctiveness of Nova SBE’s research unit.

A unique research proposition anchored in three thematic lines

Besides contributing to the advance of science, the research produced at Nova SBE aims at contributing to society and thus be used to develop evidence-based policy-making, to unleash human potential, to develop managerial and leadership talent, and to create a more competitive and sustainable economy and society. 
Three Thematic Lines will orient research over the next years: 
Firm Creation and Growth
Sustainability and Well-being
Development and Emerging Markets
Every strategic research line is a multipath topic, covering different fields, mobilizing cross-disciplinary collaboration, and contributing to applied knowledge in policy making or management.
Moreover, these strands of research are closely aligned with the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges, part of the next European Framework for Research and Innovation. Nova SBE’s Research Unit means to be an active participant in the debates defining the future of Europe through its past achievements and future ambitions. 
These thematic lines of research are unified in an interdisciplinary and innovative perspective, blending the functional knowledge developed by the six research groups with the specialized knowledge clustered in the Knowledge Centers and Initiatives. 

Clusters of knowledge

Several Knowledge Centers and Initiatives coexist at Nova SBE. These centers of excellence signal areas of expertise and embody the outcome of the international orientation, vitality and practical application that characterizes our research. 
They combine cutting-edge research and deliver practical thought leadership to our key stakeholders. 
Knowledge Centers and Initiatives:
Environmental Economics - GOI
Maritime Business Initiative
Nova Family Business Initiative
Nova Healthcare Initiative Research 


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The last external evaluation, conducted by an international panel of experts, awarded the GRADE OF EXCELLENT to Nova SBE's research:

  • "This unit has a number of strengths and we judge it to be the best research unit that we visited."

  • "An impressive record in terms of scientific productivity. The curricula vitae of this unit contain a very large number of publications in very good and excellent journals, some of them the best in the discipline."

  • "The overwhelming majority of the PhD researchers have a publication in an international journal. This publication record parallels an international reputation of many of its members in their domain of specialization."

  • "Overall, this is a unit that has sought to adopt international best practices in running itself and to compete on an international level.”

Source: 2007 Evaluation panel comments 

Research Office
The Research Office provides administrative support to research activities, from the application to the implementation and closing stages of research projects.

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The strategic project for Nova SBE’s research unit has received funding from the FCT - "Foundation for Science and Technology".