Mata, José

Mata, José



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José Mata is Professor of Strategy at the Nova School of Business and Economics. His interests center on the Dynamics of Markets and Firms’ Strategies.

He received an undergraduate degree in Economics from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1984 and a doctorate in Business Economics from Minho University in 1991. Before joining Nova in 2000, he worked at the Minho University, Bank of Portugal and Technical University of Lisbon. He served as President of the National Statistical Institute of Portugal from 2003 to 2005.

His research spans over the areas of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and International Business and Industrial and Labour Economics. His publications include “Foreignness and Exit Over the Life Cycle of Firms” Journal of International Business Studies, 2012 (with Ernesto Freitas), “Risky Innovation: the impact of internal and external R&D strategies upon the distribution of returns” Research Policy, 2012 (with Martin Woerter), “Founding Conditions and the Survival of New Firms” Strategic Management Journal, 2010 (with Paul A. Geroski and Pedro Portugal), “Counterfactual Decomposition of Wage Changes Using Quantile Regressions” Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2005 (with José A. F. Machado), and “On the Evolution of the Firm Size Distribution: Facts and Theory” American Economic Review, 2003 (with Luís Cabral).


  • Entrepreneurship, Strategy and International Business and Industrial and Labour Economics
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