Social Responsibility

Higher Education initiatives in Africa

Nova SBE is committed to develop and reinforce its activities and initiatives with a special focus on Portuguese speaking Africa. As examples of those initiatives Nova SBE is applying jointly with other European partners to a few ERASMUS + funded projects in order to cooperate with Higher Education in the area of management in countries such as Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

Curriculum Integration in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Nova SBE believes that students should be able to take active, responsible and informed roles as citizens in a rapidly changing and diverse global society. The School incorporates into its academic activities and curricula the values of global citizenship and social responsibility. Coursework, modules, and speeches address ethical and social issues and debate:

  • At the undergraduate level, several modules intend to deepen the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility, create and co-create projects with positive impact on society and challenge students to be more involved in the Community
  • Our Masters students are offered a wide range of courses which incorporate the values of global citizenship and social responsibility, such as Development Economics; Management of Non-Profit Organizations; Environmental Policy; Sustainable International Business; Social Entrepreneurship; Corporate Social Responsibility, to name a few. Also, in the Professional Citizenship Module, master’s students consider their role as professionals and citizens of a global world and discover the balance between personal, professional, and public fulfillment.

The School created a dedicated Students Development Office where students of all programs are encouraged to participate in a volunteering program (Comunidade Nova), granting a special merit certificate.

Research Development in the Field of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Nova SBE recently created NOVAFRICA; a knowledge center which mission is to produce distinctive expertise on business and economic development in Africa. A particular focus is on Portuguese-speaking Africa. NOVAFRICA is grounded on the belief that business and economic development is about a myriad of successful micro-experiences supported by a stable and robust macro-environment that should be documented, understood and communicated. For this purpose, the center will adopt multidisciplinary approaches to study the role of individuals, organizations and institutions in the process of prosperity creation.

Nova SBE established various partnerships with companies in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability. For instance, Nova SBE, through NOVAFRICA recently launched a program of internships with BES – MozaBank in Mozambique, where our students work to promote high-impact entrepreneurship in Maputo, Mozambique.

The School also works in collaboration with IES (Institute of Social Entrepreneurship) to bring together the academic expertise with the field knowledge in social entrepreneurship.

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