Welcome from the program Director

Thank you for your interest in the PhD in Economics | Finance at the Nova School of Business and Economics.

Our program aims at attracting the very best students in economics and finance. Our commitment is to train our PhD students to become highly qualified independent researchers. Our PhD graduates are familiar with the state-of-the-art of both theoretical and empirical tools in economics and finance. They are able to advance the frontier of research and provide evidence-based policy recommendations.

Nova SBE PhD graduates systematically suit positions in competitive international academia and research institutions. Our students are also prepared to fill top positions in business companies, financial institutions, and governmental organizations.

By choosing our PhD program, you become an important link in an exciting research environment. At Nova SBE, we promote the inclusion of our PhD candidates in the research projects of our faculty, as we believe that the quality of our doctoral training and that of our research are intimately connected.

Nova SBE has a high degree of internationalization that reflects in research publications, co-authorships, and integration in top research networks. In the last five years, the School published 402 papers in international refereed journals plus 33 FT45 articles, in a wide range of subject fields in economics and finance. Nova SBE hosts weekly seminars with invited speakers from North American and European top departments, giving the students the opportunity to interact with active international scholars. The current Nova SBE faculty includes 27 international members, from 15 different nationalities, trained in the very top universities. Nova SBE has a tenure-track system and recruits in the international researcher job market on a systematic basis.

Joining Nova SBE is also a passport to the exciting experience of living in Lisbon, where a fantastic climate intersects unique history and great hospitality.

We look forward to welcoming you at Nova SBE very soon.

Pedro Vicente
Director, PhD in Economics | Finance