International Exposure

International faculty

The faculty body at NOVA School of Business and Economics is characterized by its diversity and different origins: from Brazil to China, 25 different nationalities are represented among the professors at NOVA. In addition 85% of our resident professors have been awarded their PhD from foreign schools (in European or American Universities).

Learning in English

The adoption of English in teaching reflects another aspect of NOVA’s vision of becoming even more international. This is shown by having the undergrad (only the first year is taught in portuguese), the Masters, MBA, and PhD programs all taught in English.

This has contributed to the fact that 1 of 5 students in the last couple of years have come from abroad. This creates an international atmosphere between the students and teachers, generating a better understanding of different cultures. Having our students learn in english will help them master the language, which today, is a fundamental tool in excelling professionally.

Opportunities to Study Abroad

Students at NOVA School of Business and Economics have the opportunity to study in foreign Universities through a multitude of exchange programs, often under the ERASMUS protocol.

Nova SBE usually sends around 350 students to study abroad, in more than 150 Universities, in 50 different countries, with which our school has bilateral agreements. In some cases, it is possible to obtain a scholarship to pay for the travel costs, as well as the regular living costs. The availability of such financial assistance is limited.

Our University is also responsible for academic and integration support for over 350 foreign students it receives per year. This is done through a variety of activities, including a Welcome Meeting which takes place at the beginning of each semester to receive new incoming exchange students.