Future Talks – Talking about the future with António Simões

by Nova SBE.

future talks antonio simoes 2017

Next September 8th, Nova School of Business and Economics will receive one of its most renowned and inspiring alumni: António Simões.

António Simões is currently the HSCB’s CEO in the United Kingdom and his curriculum already features professional escalades at McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs, in London, having also worked at Hong Kong. He was considered the best student in his bachelor class at Nova SBE in ’93 and has an MBA from Columbia University.

Knowing the importance that his experience about work, life, the world, and the role that Nova SBE has in shaping and developing new talents, Daniel Traça, Nova SBE’s Dean, will sit down with António Simões so that they can talk about the choices he made regarding all these matters and the potential that his job has to change the world and contribute to a better society.

The both of them will also discuss what António Simões and the new generation of Nova SBE talent, can do to achieve impactful changes, capable of inspiring people to also be catalysts of change.

The conference will take place, as was previously mentioned, on September 8th at 9:45 a.m., in room A14, and all students, alumni, faculty and staff are invited to attend this dynamic and inspirational talk about life, work and the future.