Lemonade Festival: many challenges around Education and lemonade stands

by Nova SBE.

lemodeOn June 4 the Cidadela de Cascais will be invaded by children, motivated by the best educators in the country, for the Lemonade Festival; an event about Education and activities designed to work the entrepreneurial youth spirit.

The event is powered by Nova SBE, Cascais City Hall, Pestana - Cidadela de Cascais, Gymboree, Delta, Rua Alegre and imatch.

Between 09:30 and 18:00, on June 4, speakers of all ages from the age of 9 will have the opportunity to talk about Education: entrepreneurship, the future of work in the present education, citizenship and the school.

During the event, an incredible adventure is expected where everyone will learn, in a fun way, through about 40 workshops on planet sustainability, financial literacy, teamwork and communication skills development, among many others. There will also be conferences, for children between 4 and 12 years old, who will promote the sharing of ideas and help to design the future of youth.

Lemonade is the official drink of the event and the children of the partner schools will energize the LEMONADE STANDS.
The conference sessions are divided into three panels with different formats and end with an assembly of children who will vote and discuss the best practices presented throughout the day.

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