Nova SBE receives major donation from Ming C. Hsu

by Nova SBE.

ming c hsu

Nova School of Business and Economics announces a major donation from the entrepreneur and philanthropist Ming C. Hsu to build the Executive Leadership Center in the new Carcavelos campus.

May 11, 2017 (Campolide, Lisbon) –  Investor and philanthropist Ming C. Hsu donated two million euros to support the construction of the new Carcavelos Campus of the Nova School of Business and Economics.  This is the largest international individual donation to the school’s campaign and will be recognized by naming the Executive Leadership Center in the benefactor’s name.

“I'm always looking for projects with impact and Nova SBE is definitely one of those. The new campus, a step into the future, will enable a new learning approach in a school more and more engaged with the corporate world and society. Nova SBE is already an internationally recognized talent hub and the new campus will drive the school to the top of the European league,” said Ms Ming.

While Ms. Ming is an established entrepreneur in real estate and luxury goods who has founded several major companies, her motivations and passions are philanthropic. She has provided guidance and support to internationally recognized nonprofit organizations, such as Orbis, and she is a mentor of high-impact projects in education, including setting up robotics labs and library programs in several schools in Asia. Ms. Ming is a member of the Columbia Business School Board of Overseers.

ming c hsu 2The donation enables the development of the Executive Leadership Center in the Carcavelos campus, a building that will become the hub for Nova SBE’s executive education. The center aims to provide a long-term learning experience that extends far beyond the traditional classroom approach to maximize impact in corporate partners. In the Ming C. Hsu Executive Leadership Center, companies will experience a demanding and intensive executive development experience in a reflective environment to do business and a relaxing place to network and socialize.

Nova SBE has over 20 years of experience helping companies build clearer perspectives of where their businesses should be going, how to develop better leadership structures and how to rethink their organizational approach to customers.

“Helping to build Nova SBE’s executive leadership center brings my commitment to foster business education across the world to a new level. I truly believe in the power of continuous education as the engine of innovation in companies, the economy and of society as a whole. With the quality of its faculty and of the facilities in the new campus, there is an incredible opportunity to attract multinational corporations to do executive programs at Nova SBE,” said Ms. Ming. 

“Our sincere thanks to Ming Hsu for her wonderful gift and generosity to the school. It is rewarding to see the trust that an investor and philanthropist of great international standing has in the school’s future and development,” said Daniel Traça, Dean of the School.

Together, we are making this happen!